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Perhaps this is not known to everyone, but Pokemon is now under thirty. In their popularity, cartoons and games about Pokemon were second only to the famous plumber Mario. This is unlikely to surprise anyone, because the fictional world of warlike little creatures is so unusual and interesting that the inglorious existence of numerous pocket monsters simply could not threaten. It should be noted that on the territory of Russia in 2000, Pokémon were able to overtake almost all the famous cartoon characters and became the number one characters for the next few years. In this section, you will find more than 30 games about your favorite heroes!

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На что способны покемоны

The Pokémon first appeared in 1996 and it was in computer games, and then, a year later, an anime series appeared, numbering over 800 episodes today. And there are feature films about the tiniest creatures, their teachers and the relationship between them. A fictional universe in which all actions take place is an alternative to the modern world, only in this world are there beings with supernatural abilities, but they are controllable and obedient. Thanks to the efforts of their teachers, they develop and hone bright extraordinary abilities.

Игры Покемоны

When you play Pokemon, it is important to understand that each character is unique. Some can develop extraordinary speed, others can shoot a light ray into the sky, others can teleport things and objects, and there are those that fulfill desires. Each Pokemon individually submits to the power of water or fire, wind or any plant, or maybe an animal, which is why they are given the powers and capabilities of any of the elements or are partly inherent in the habits of animals and birds. The result is sometimes overwhelming: colliding with each other, these warlike creatures can neutralize the opponent’s abilities, and when playing in the same team, on the contrary, increase power.