Train Games

Игры Поезда картинка

                                   For trains, many have a special attitude. This is not only a means of transportation, but also the opportunity to get to know the world around us, meet new people, and even make a career in cargo transportation. All this to a large extent influenced the fact that the games in which trains somehow appear became popular. There are different train games. In some trains they need to be built, in others they should be derailed, and in third, the cargo should be distributed around the country to everyone and on time, in order to increase capital and become a business shark.

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Всегда интересно и очень познавательно

For the youngest gamers, they came up with those in which, on a cheerful smiling train, with painted trailers, you need to deliver your favorite cartoon characters to somewhere. At the same time, each of them must first buy a ticket, and then find a place in the car not only for the passenger himself, but also for luggage. The trains for the kids themselves are very nice: they run on rails cheerfully, pulling a few wagons behind them, smile, and sometimes they also sing songs.

Игры Поезда

Screenshot from Train Simulator 2014, by || | 529

Существует так же масса раскрасок и пазлов на железнодорожную тематику. Немного другие истории о поездах интересуют геймеров постарше. Вот уж где разнообразие! Как правило, они отличаются не только прекрасной физикой и графикой, а еще и лихо закрученным сюжетом. При этом задачи в разных играх могут быть диаметрально противоположными. От сохранности груза в одних, до подрыва самого поезда в других.

Adventures inside the train

Agree that anything can happen on the road. Especially if some criminal got into the train, which must first be calculated, and then neutralized. In addition, the task of playing in such a situation will be complicated by the fact that civilians should not suffer. Moreover, the guardians of the transport police simply do not have the right to make a mistake, because a mistake is fraught with the fact that the criminal will simply get off at the next station. Particularly interesting is that gamers can easily try on themselves not only the role of experienced detectives, but also the role of desperate adventurers from the criminal world. The train games are very diverse, so it is unlikely that you can find something similar among them.

Those players who have to accompany the secret cargo will feel no less responsibility. On the train, of course, few people know about who transports where, but it is so customary that if there is a secret, then in any case there is a chance of information leakage, which means that you need to look at the load in both.

Railwaymen are different

There are a lot of interesting things on the railway. All this, of course, is played out in games. You can easily visit here in the role of a caring guide, train driver and even the head of the train. It goes without saying that such diverse games will require completely different skills from the young participants of the railroad adventures. One thing is for sure: it won’t be boring. The most important thing to learn: the passenger is always right, even when he got out for five minutes at a stop, and then accidentally confused the train.

Игры Поезда

Screenshot from Train Simulator 2014,

Many attention in games about trains is given to freight. Delivering goods from point A to point B is not always as easy and simple as it might seem at first glance. The railway is its own special world in which its own special rules exist. In many ways, the specifics of the games are connected with the fact that rails and sleepers are far from everywhere, that is, you always need to take into account the moment that the player is not the only participant in the movement at all. And this means that you will have to take into account the timetable, and turn off the siding on time in order to let others pass, and, of course, fully engage in logistics, otherwise it simply won’t succeed in such an important matter. But if successful, players will receive a bonus in the form of their own section of the railway.

So, starting with the purchase of a steam locomotive and two or three wagons, here you can easily turn into a big bucket of business. It’s very convenient in this regard that the enemies and competitors in the games about trains are virtual, which means that in case of failure you can always start your journey anew. Do not forget that the delivery of goods is a responsible matter, sometimes it needs to be delivered over thousands of kilometers. In addition to the safety of the contents of the sealed wagon, it will not be out of place here to take care of a number of deliveries along the way. This is where you can profitably spin up and make good money.

What is useful in games about the railway

Train games are very exciting. There is always something to learn. Some of them develop a reaction rate, others logical thinking. Traveling by rail is never boring. In addition to unforgettable adventures, players will learn a lot about the real life of railway workers. In the world of trains, a lot, if not everything, depends on the switched arrows on time, a friendly blinking semaphore, successfully sold tickets, proper baggage handling and safe and profitable cargo transportation.

It happens that you need to stop the train so that the arrows to repair or to repair part of the road, but these are pleasant chores, at least until the time when all this happens in the virtual world, and not in reality. Management here is basically not complicated, as a rule, there are enough skills to work with the mouse. The most important thing is to start the game, and there will be enough trains for everyone.