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How many different situations are there: fine day, I want to meet my faithful friends, but it doesn’t work out. The reasons are many - illness, punishment from parents or generally banal laziness. Here, games over the network with friends will come to the rescue - none of you even need to leave your house to chat with each other, because the Internet now gives you the opportunity to communicate anywhere in the world.

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Игра Царь King
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Друг в беде не бросит

There are just a lot of different toys for your choice with your friends. If you are looking for games on the PC network, then choose from the following list:

Игры по сети

  • Shooters. Perhaps this is the best choice both for a large company, and for two people. You become brave soldiers, enter the battlefield and fight against various enemies. Simple mechanics, a lot of pleasure and priceless moments together are provided for you.
  • Platformers. These games on the network are suitable for weak PCs. Convenient, easy to manage and with good graphics - they are suitable for any computer. You have a common screen and together you go through the levels, along the way killing some particularly nasty evil spirits or other enemies, depending on the chosen game.
  • Adventure. Take in the armful of your best friend and immerse yourself in interesting worlds. Follow the story, solving puzzles together or discovering some secret of a missing girl.

The main thing is victory

Of course, there are more than just network games for friends. You can play games on the net online and with completely strangers to you. It’s even easier, you don’t have to give in to anyone - go ahead, win the battles, score more points than your teammates.

Игра догонялки по сети

For games where you don’t have to play with friends, you can include the following: worms (explore the mysterious dark world and feed your pet), bubbles (connect balls of the same colors and earn more points than your opponent) or races (choose the most the coolest of the available cars and set the heat for everyone who meet on your way). The choice is yours!