Pinball Games

Игры Пинбол картинка

Do you miss the old slot machines that used to be in bars? Most people never played them (or never saw them in reality), but many people remember pinball games at least by the pre-installed arcade in older versions of Windows. Now this has not happened for a long time, and sometimes I want to drive the ball around the playing field now. Collect more points, compete with friends or just nostalgic and spend time at the famous game ...

There are plenty of pinball games, and choosing a specific one is as easy as shelling pears. The developers made a pinball with their favorite characters and, for example, with the fields on which the brand icons are depicted. You can choose a field with just a million different things that the ball can catch on, or, conversely, complicate the task and try to play on a minimally furnished table. The gameplay of all arcades is the same, so choose them by design.

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