Lamb Games go home

Игры Овечки идут домой картинка

Not everyone knows, but the popular plasticine animated series Wallace and Gromit, dedicated to the life of the inventor and his dog, has spin-offs (also, of course, plasticine) . It is called Shaun the Sheep and talks about the adventures of the wayward lamb on the farm. Games sheep go home, are dedicated to the heroes of this animated series. All games collected in this section are made in a recognizable cartoon style.

Here you will play simultaneously for three buddies-sheep, each of which is different in size. Naturally, the largest of them can move heavy objects, but not get through narrow tunnels, and the smallest easily gets to hidden bonuses, but cannot climb a high ledge. Correctly combining the capabilities of sheep, you have to go through intricate puzzles, dungeons, home.

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