Games Dangerous weapons

Игры Опасное оружие картинка

Boys love various guns and pistols. And this also applies to ordinary slingshots, and any kid loves arcades about war games. Games dangerous weapon for two - a series of platformers that allow you to fight with friends on one computer. Games support up to 4 people in two battle modes.

Series Dangerous weapons are terribly fascinating, despite the ancient release date. For joint battles or the passage of the company you are available 20 cards and many modifications. Characters have special skills. At first, out of 9 superpowers, 6 were discovered, but the longer you play dangerous weapons, the more new skills will open. You can also choose a specific suit. The game presents the costumes of Santa Claus, a professional killer, fashionista, kung fu master, Rambo, caveman and even a pirate.

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