Games Fire and Water

Игры Огонь и Вода картинка

                                   The ability to negotiate and make joint decisions, as never before is useful to fans of flash games for two. Free online games of fire and water for two, which you can play on this page, are very popular in this regard. Their characters, leading to the achievement of the final result by each of the players are so different that friendship between them sometimes seems impossible. You have to prove the opposite. A mischievous boy named Fire and the eccentric girl Water are very friendly. Only comprehensive mutual support and mutual assistance make victory possible in the series of these exciting games.

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Такой должна быть настоящая дружба

To relate to the opposing elements does not mean to be enemies. A boy with a sonorous name Fire and a lovely girl named Water are two inseparable characters in a series of popular arcade games for two players. Their friendship is strong and reliable against all the laws of nature. It would seem that the opposite elements should be in a constant state of conflict, and these two kids together can even turn mountains, unless of course it is needed to achieve victory in some next maze.

The unforgettable adventures of this couple are incredibly exciting and dangerous. Indeed, it is only thanks to mutual agreement and concentration of attention on achieving the ultimate goal in games of fire and water that a desired victory can be achieved.

Passing from one temple to another, our inseparable friends communicate with different entities, good and not very good. And only true friendship and faith in the success of a common cause help them in everything. At the same time, the fire does not try to turn water into a cloud of steam, and the water does not even have the thought that the fire can be extinguished. On the contrary, each of the kids skillfully uses the gift that nature has given him.

So, helping each other out one at a time, friends overcome many difficulties in their path.

The main parts in games are fire and water

  • First, the heroes travel through the fairy forest, because it is here, in the Forest Sanctuary, that the actions of the first part of the game Fire and Water on 2. unfold. It is in the forest kingdom that we meet the heroes we love later on. In the forest, and then in the temple itself, the young representatives of the two elements will face many dangers and obstacles, but together they will be able to overcome any obstacles. Due to the fact that this is the first part, there are still no particularly sophisticated traps here, however, the game is made and worked out no worse than the previous parts.
  • In the second game, brave heroes find themselves in the temple of Darkness and Light, where new adventures and obstacles await them. Your task here will be to connect all the light rays in order to open the door to the next level. The difficulty of passing, compared with the first arcade increases.
  • In the third inseparable couple are waiting for an adventure in the Ice Sanctuary. The most important thing is not to freeze in such a cold!
  • In the fourth, they will end up in the crystal realm, where you will have to deal with the arrangement of crystal mirror portals that allow you to move from one part of the map to another.
  • And in the fifth game, beloved elemental heroes again return to the forest sanctuary to finish the job.
  • But the 6th official version of the arcade has not yet been released. But on the fifth, online games, fire and water for two do not end there! Third-party developers have released more than 30 different arcades that will relate to completely different genres and will be very different from each other. However, they will be united by one common detail - these are the two main characters representing the unity of the two elements.

In a variety of arcades, you can not only wander around new locations and temples, but also can dress your favorite characters in a variety of clothes, help them out of the maze, leave them by analogy with the famous arcade game Angry Birds, and even help them kiss. Such arcades can be anything you like, but in any case, the friendship of our heroes only grows stronger and they go through all the trials together.

The places of action in games change all the time, one thing remains unchanged, strong friendship, which many can only envy. Boy Fire in every way takes care of the girl Water, and she answers him the same. If you decide to spend part of your free time with an inseparable couple, then these fascinating arcades are just for you. Fire and water games for girls and boys help make friends and have fun for people of any gender and age.

Gameplay and control features.

Whatever adventures await fire and water, it remains unambiguous the presence of the temple, in which the storyline of each individual part unfolds. Communication with spirits and elements is always interesting and fascinating. Brave heroes are constantly confronted with mysticism and magic on their way. Each temple has many secrets and mysteries that can only be solved together.

Precious stones of various shapes were used to indicate the levels. Thus, the players in advance can understand what needs to be done. When compiling the map, gems of three configurations were used. Thus, the heroes, when moving from one level to another, know in advance what will be the development of events.

Игры огонь и вода на двоих

If a hexagonal pebble is drawn on the map, then you need to hurry up and do everything at the maximum permissible speed, without forgetting to collect all the stones in red and blue. At the same time, both Water and Fire will be able to select only stones corresponding to their elements. At first glance, it might seem that playing Fire and Water for two is difficult, but in reality everything is somewhat different. Gemstones tell each of the players what kind of dear he should move. From the order in which the boy and girl run, nothing will change. One thing must be remembered for sure, the level will be completed only when both heroes are facing the exit.

In the levels indicated by the jewel, which has the shape of a truncated triangle, players must move at the same time, otherwise they are similar to those previously described. In the same place where the level is marked with an exquisite diamond, the boy and the girl need to additionally find the green diamond, and then get out of the labyrinth together.

Игры огонь и вода на двоих

Only helping each other all the time can we achieve the ultimate goal of the game. Water obstacles become an insurmountable barrier for a nimble baby, while for a smart baby they are not an obstacle at all. The fiery lines on the contrary absolutely do not bother the boy, while the girl is unable to cope with them. The nasty green slurry is a serious test for both babies. Overcome it only work together, showing ingenuity and using the useful skills of the main characters. Playing fire and water online for free is very fun and quite simple, but still it’s worth a little learning control.

Огонь и вода

The fire baby is controlled by the arrows, and the water girl reacts to the WAD combination. For the forward and backward movements of the Fire, arrows respond to the right and left, and for Water the letters A and D. For the jump - the up arrow and the letter W, respectively.

Free games Fire and Water 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, available on our portal - this is great entertainment not only for the smallest children but also for adults. There is nothing better for developing logic than similar colorful and fascinating puzzles.