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Of all the channels, it was on Nickelodeon that the most amusing and crazy animated series always came out - to take at least a yellow and square SpongeBob: he lives underwater in a pineapple house, his best friend Starfish Patrick, and his girlfriend Belka in a spacesuit. There was no doubt that the nickelodeon games would come out the same - a little crazy and terribly exciting.

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В какие игры Nickelodeon стоит поиграть

Everyone has their own very cartoon, for which you can drop everything, drive home from the TV and order no one to distract you from watching. Now TV, of course, is fading into the background, and just bothering to look at the screen, I want interactivity and actions - here online games nickelodeon ru will come to the rescue.

Губка Боб в игре Никелодеон

The choice of games from nickelodeon is truly huge, at least it is worth paying attention to the following genres:

  • shooters and rpg - shoot enemies from blasters or go through a mysterious castle with the characters of the Beast Bansen;
  • гонки и догонялки — катайтесь на тачках, летайте на самолетах или бегите вслед за Дашей-путешественницей;
  • fights and fights - arrange a battle with friends online or fight a hero that you don’t really like ;
  • sports games nickelodeon - football, basketball, baseball;
  • for girls - cute heroines Always want to be beautiful, well-groomed and healthy, let your beauty salons and hospitals or educate their cooking princesses.

Play with your favorite characters

The variety of characters in the channel Nickelodeon games is simply amazing. There are, like the heroes you loved since childhood, as well as new cartoons. Shout “kawabanga” together with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, make a commotion with the characters of the cartoon “My Noisy House”, or maybe you want to save the animals with Puppy Patrol that are in trouble?

Игры Никелодеон

Both children, adolescents, and girls, and the boys will find whatever they like among the nickelodeon games. Choose an online game by characters or genre - and go towards adventures!