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                                   Naruto is one of the most popular anime characters! And not only in Japan, but also in almost all other countries. For more than 14 years, the manga has been released, about a young boy with the power of a nine-tailed fox! Moreover, this boy has all the qualities of modern boys, he is very restless, easily excitable, and in any incomprehensible situation he runs to fight! Perhaps that’s why, for several generations of children, watching this anime and admiring it! During this time, more than 500 anime series were released, divided into two seasons. In addition to the anime, a lot of different attributes appeared with the main character, and online games Naruto became very popular.

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История создания Наруто

Before you start playing Naruto, we suggest you take a short excursion into the story and find out how your favorite hero appeared. The story of the creation of the hero beloved by all children begins in the very distant 1995, when the young author sent his first work to the competition in one of the most famous senen manga magazine - Shonen Jump. And he was lucky, the work won a prize, and the author was paid attention. However, in the future, he did not manage to create something worthwhile, and only in 1997, he managed to create a charismatic character who is the prototype of Naruto.

However, the plot of this manga was not at all like the familiar anime world having its own unique atmosphere. In the first version of Naruto, the author told a story about a young hero trying to find a secret ingredient for cooking his favorite noodles. However, after the author showed his work to the editors, it was decided to completely rewrite the world and the plot itself, focusing not on the comedy genre, but on the battles, but at the same time some of the comedy inserts had to be left.

Игры Наруто

Screenshot from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst, CyberConnect2 and Namco Bandai Games.

After some time, the second prototype of the new series came out, the story of the manga was completely rewritten and now was much closer to the latest version. Here, the actions took place in the same modern world as in the previous part, but magic was added to it, as well as the main character and several other characters began to possess the magical abilities and techniques of the ninja. The story tells of how a huge nine-tailed fox attacked an ordinary city and to stop it, eight friends of the shamans gave their lives, and the last surviving, the ninth, after defeating the enemies, began to look after the human son of the nine-tailed fox.

Второй прототип

Perhaps the plot of the plot was almost the only resemblance to the subsequent version of Naruto, but in addition to it it can be noted the most important character, who already had a love for Ramen, some of his abilities and some characters . In the story itself, the plot does not develop at all like in the third version of the manga, here Naruto acts as a kind of detective who, with the help of his inhuman abilities, tries to find a picture stolen from his friend’s father. The second version of the manga, consisting of one small episode and published by Shonen Jump, received good marks among both critics and readers, but the author himself decided not to continue the project, as he found it too boring.

Игры Наруто

Screenshot from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst, CyberConnect2 and Namco Bandai Games.

And now, two years later, finally the first part of the original manga comes out! From that moment, the rapid growth of Naruto's popularity begins! At first it becomes mega popular in Japan, and then it spreads throughout the world, becoming a bestseller. After some time, an anime adaptation comes out, which in some countries almost overshadows the original manga. For example, in Russia, an anime series is much more popular than its written version. And then Naruto games come out, and today there are more than 1000 different game options, from full-fledged console fighting games to flash dress up.

A little about Naruto himself

From the series we are very few what we know about the birth of our main character, we only know that when the nine-tailed fox attacked the village, Naruto's mother was in the last month of pregnancy and was due to give birth to a son in the next few days. In order to stop the fox, the two strongest fighters of the village decided to sacrifice their lives and seal it in the body of a newborn. The fourth Hokage (the ruler of the city), before dying, asked that the newborn child be considered a hero, because only thanks to him, it was possible to save all the inhabitants of the city from imminent death. However, the inhabitants of the city made an exile from Naruto, seeing in him only a nine-tailed fox. So the childhood of the main character of the manga passed almost completely alone, which greatly influenced his character.

Игры Наруто

Screenshot from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst, CyberConnect2 and Namco Bandai Games.

It was because of such a lonely childhood that Naruto did not find anything better than to become a jester, because it only helped people to forget that the nine-tailed fox was sealed in it. From this moment, the narrative of the anime series begins. Well, then it is described how our hero once again tries and finally passes the exam in the ninja school, how he finds a teacher who takes him under his wing and how he makes his first real friends. Thanks to the new teacher, the future ninja have a clear goal - to become a Hokage and manage his village, protecting his close friends. Gradually, the young hero becomes more and more decisive in his goal and does everything possible in order to achieve it. a teacher, and also performs a number of important tasks, meeting diverse people on the way and gaining a lot of experience in human relations. Then he enters the ninja academy, for the completion of which and obtaining the rank of Genin, it will be necessary to pass a dangerous exam. After successful passing, he returns to the village, but soon again goes to the exam to obtain the rank of Chunin. In the second exam, in addition to many more difficult ones, he meets his main opponent and the complete opposite of Gaara. In the beginning, our hero suffers defeat after defeat, but he soon realizes that friendship and loyalty are much stronger than Gaara’s hatred. Realizing this and holding on to the end, he tricks Gaara in a cunning way and wins the fight.

Путь война

Ну а в дальнейшем Наруто встречает друзей, путешествует с ними и своим учителем, а также выполняет ряд важных заданий, встречая на пути разнообразных людей и приобретая много опыта в человеческих отношениях. Потом он поступает в академию ниндзя, для окончания которой и получения звания Генина необходимо будет сдать опасный экзамен. После успешной сдачи, он возвращается в деревню, но вскоре опять отправляется на экзамен, для получения звания Чунина. На втором экзамене, помимо множества трудней, он встречается со своим главным противником и полной противоположностью Гаарой. В начале наш герой терпит поражение за поражением, но вскоре он понимает, что дружба и верность, гораздо сильнее чем ненависть Гаары. Поняв это и держась до конца, он хитрым способом обманывает Гаару и побеждает в поединке.

In the new storyline, events unfold around Naruto's best friend, Sasuke. Due to a certain combination of circumstances, Sasuke leaves the team and, together with his brother, leaves for another village. Sakura and Naruto are trying to get him back, but in the end they don’t succeed, because there are too many unforeseen obstacles on the way. After that, our hero, realizing that he is still too weak, spends 2.5 years with his teacher, becoming more skilled every day.

After these events, the anime changes a little, and also the appearance of all the characters changes , according to their age. The new part of the anime began to be called Naruto 2, also appeared with the video game Naruto 2, which, thanks to graphic improvements and more interesting gameplay, became even more popular than their first parts. In addition to changing the sketch, the protagonist becomes stronger, smarter and even more decisive. In new adventures, he, along with his team, goes on a rescue mission in which he needs to save Gaara, but the enemies who want to take over the power of the nine-tailed fox do not sleep and they try to kidnap Naruto.

At the moment, exit the manga continues, so we don’t yet know how these attempts will end. More recently, at the beginning of 2014, auto manga reported that its publication, after 15 years of continuous operation, is finally coming to an end, but the exact timing of the end of the series is still unknown! Well, now you can run the Naruto games posted on this page and play online and completely free! Enjoy games with your favorite hero and go with him through all the virtual obstacles!