Passage Games

Игры на Прохождение картинка

Sometimes you really want to take and immerse yourself in some cool story for several hours. Learn the secret of the estate, investigate a crime, or just walk alongside the hero in search of adventure. Online passing games are the best helpers in this matter. They perfectly combine both an excellent plot, good graphics, and high-quality presentation of material.

Everyone likes to plunge into some interesting atmosphere and try to find out what really happened with the hero or in a separate passage quiet and calm town. We recommend playing these genres: Hidden Objects, Shooting Games, 2d platforming games (rpg). It is in high-quality 2D games, the plot component is more interesting than in 3D, but there are exceptions. The passage of browser arcades takes from 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the quality and complexity of the game.

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Игра Векс 2 Vex 2
Игра Векс 3 Veks 3
Игра Красный шар 4 часть 3 Red ball 4 part 3
4.2 || | 412
Игра Орион Orion
Игра Убежище Vault
Игра Титаны Titans
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