Games for two

Игры Война на двоих картинка

Military conflicts have always been the most fertile topic for game developers. There are few who want to shoot at someone in real life, but there will be a fight with virtual enemies behind the screen. After all, it is safer and, more importantly, more fun. The war for two games are not just computer arcades about war or hostilities, but specifically those that were invented for joint play.

Playing in company with a friend at the same computer, you can become allies and fight together , and become enemies and engage in a fierce firefight for two. The selection of games on this subject is extensive, and you can definitely find what to play. Do not want to shoot yourself? Then just start the strategy and send virtual men to the war. There is also a classic here - Contra and other arcades for the Dandy.

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By rating || | 194
Игра Опасное Оружие 3 Dangerous Weapons 3
4.1 | || 371
Игра Tanks Tanks
Игра Мульти танки Multi tanks
4.5 || | 571
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