Funny games for two

Смешные игры на двоих картинка

How often does it happen that you and your friend sit in a dreary evening and cannot come up with something to have fun? Are all the stories told, the movie revised, and even YouTube cannot please you? Then funny games for two will help you diversify a boring evening! In the section you will find funny arcades with bright, catchy graphics and amazing style.

Games are collected for every taste. Want to race for two? Here is the ostrich race, babies crawling along the treadmills, and if this is not enough, take part in toilet flights! If you like sports, then you will like variations of football with strange physics and swaying players or a championship in volleyball among chickens. Want something calmer? Then collect seashells nailed by the wave. Themes and genres of funny games are diverse, but you can say for sure: it will be fun to play!

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Игра Древние бойцы Ancient fighters
3.7 || | 315
Игра Money movers 3 Money movers 3
4.4 | || 624
Игра Большая битва на троих Big battle for three
4.1 || | 925
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