Games Adventure for two

Игры Бродилки на двоих картинка

Not indifferent to travel and puzzles? Great, meet the two-person shooter games for girls. Why for them? It's simple: girls more than guys like to consistently solve problems and, in general, they have better developed critical thinking. Adventure walkers for two - measured, thoughtful games that do not require too active player participation. These are platformers, which can be played by boys, or even two - a boy and a girl together.

Yes, don’t look at the fact that there are walkers for girls, they also have characters loved by the stronger sex. Play with Tom and Jerry and go on a crazy adventure with them! For any player there is a favorite hero: Mario, Cinderella, duck-dinosaurs. Go through the list of games and choose what suits you today, and then come back tomorrow and turn on a new arcade.

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Игра Money movers 3 Money movers 3
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