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There are days when you don't want anything at all. You sit at your computer, leaf through pages, check social networks and seem to want to have some fun, but what can you do when you are alone. In fact, you can simply turn on the games at 1 and enjoy an even cooler gameplay. Still, friends can sometimes fail, and you yourself will never let yourself down!

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Игра Вращающийся нож Rotating knife
4.3 | || 253
Игра Risha Risha
Игра Безумное такси Crazy taxi
4.3 || | 920
Адская плантация Hell plantation
4.1 | || 954
Игра Убей зомби Kill the zombies
4.2 || | 1075
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Веселье на одного игрока

To be honest, you have nothing to worry about at all. You can even say that you pulled out a happy card, left face to face with you, because now you can play without a break. Given the variety of games for one, you will not be able to get bored yet.

Игры на 1

Games for 1 are divided into different categories, for example:

  • genres (the main thing here is not to get confused - shooters, adventure games, strategies, arcades - whatever your heart desires);
  • difficulty levels (here there are both the easiest, suitable for any player, and quite complex, requiring experience, online games);
  • age of the player (starting from toys for the smallest and ending with severe , sometimes even bloody, games for adults);
  • the gender of the player (there are games for one for both boys and cute women).

Why is it better to play alone

Many people think and doubt, because playing online with someone on the network is cool. We agree, but at the same time, multiplayer games are full of surprises, most often, it is generally not known who you will fall across the screen. Players are very different, each with their own character and vision of how to pass a particular toy.

Игры на 1 монстры

When you play alone, you are left to your own devices. No one will tell you where to go, what to collect and who to attack. You are the king of this world. In addition, online games for several players are often monotonous and, in general, the actions in them are repeated over and over again. In solitary ones there is more plot, more interesting is the mechanics and the gameplay itself. If you want a perfect evening, we advise you to play games for one!