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Some babies have such a wonderful rumor from birth that when listening to their singing or playing an instrument, one wonders how a baby can do this. Particular dissonance is caused when a child is born in an absolutely non-musical family. For the rest, there are music games, with their help you can play the piano, create your own tunes online or just indulge in some characters.

Music games are different: you can play the instrument yourself make music, or just have fun dancing or controlling popular heroes. For example, there are several arcades about the Gagnam style, dance with the famous PSY to a famous song, or repeat the melody after it, clicking with the mouse in the right places. Very popular musical piano simulations, in terms of functionality, not inferior to professional synthesizers.

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Игра Рояль Piano
Игра Флейта Flute
Игра Гитара Guitar
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