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Игры Мультиплеер картинка

Sometimes it’s so boring to sit and play alone. Or even play together, but in turn, especially when the game is so interesting that waiting in line becomes a real torture. Multiplayer games come to the rescue, in them you can play with a friend or with any other person from anywhere in the world.

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Игра Убийца зомби Ио Zombie killer Io
3.8 | || 213
Игра Agarpaper io Agarpaper io
3.9 || | 275
Игра Команда с оружием Team with weapons
4.1 | || 644
4 || | 788
Игра Драконы Ио Dragons of Io
4.2 | || 821
Игра Царь King
Игра Экстремальное разрушение Extreme destruction
4.3 || | 997
Игра Батлграунд Battleground
4.2 || | 1030
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Мультиплеер — это круто

Multiplayer games are really cool just as much as you think. Imagine the situation: you really want to hack into some kind of arcade, but you can’t call someone home - you will interfere with the other inhabitants of your home or even you are too lazy to do the cleaning, and at home the mice are running around on the floor. This is where multiplayer arcades turn out to be very useful.

Игры мультиплеер

Types of arcades

There are a lot of such games and they are represented in almost all iconic genres. For example, try to play the following for free:

  • Strategies. This is probably the most popular form of online multiplayer. There are different arcades: they are mostly historical - for example, you can create your own state or a real empire. Everything will take place under your strict guidance, so the possibility of error will be eliminated and you will quickly become the best ruler in the world.
  • Casual games. This includes a variety of solitaire games, from card to mahjong. Checkers, dominoes, backgammon - these are all types of casual games that you can play online multiplayer.
  • Shooting. Every boy has played in this genre at least once, and, of course, understands that playing alone is simply wildly boring. Necessarily need companions, and also preferably “living” enemies, because opponents created by a computer are often very boring and monotonous in their actions.