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Игры Мультики картинка

Everyone in the world loves cartoons. Even those who usually turn their nose and say that this is for babies still have 1-2 favorite cartoons to watch in stock. Whatever character your choice falls on, cartoon games for girls and boys can easily help you find an arcade with it. This is really a very extensive category, which includes hundreds of different games.

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Популярные персонажи

There are games that you can play for free with the heroes you love the world. Perhaps in this short list you will find your own:

  • Tom and Jerry. Help the cat finally catch the mouse, because no one but you can do this.
  • Bugs Bunny. This cute eared one is always ready to get involved in some kind of adventure, and you just have to go shoulder to shoulder with him.
  • Peppa Pig. This fun little family never sits in place, all the time something happens for them and it would be better for you to take part in it.
  • Fixies is one of the most popular Russian cartoons. Sweet Simka and kind Nolik want to quickly repair something or find out how this or that mechanism works, and for this they need the most responsible assistant.
  • SpongeBob. A yellow sponge can not spend a day so that something interesting does not happen to him. Become his friend for at least a couple of hours while playing cartoons and you won’t regret your decision.

Cartoons are interesting

Игры мультики

But don’t think that this list is limited to, here some more characters with which you can play cartoons online.

Игра мультика Том и Джерри

For example, you can choose as a Dasha traveler and go on an adventure with friends, as well as Smesharikov for exciting races. Funny characters Scooby-Doo to investigate some terrible murder in a dark castle or to help the minions in their insidious plans to capture the world. Save the city with a brave Spider-Man or drive along a snowy track with a Paw Patrol. It all depends on you - make your choice!