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Игры Мстители картинка

Being a superhero is cool, but also terribly dangerous. All the powers of the villains are thrown at you! Of course, individuals like Deadpool are almost immortal, while others walk around the edge and play with death. Avengers games will tell about such heroes. Both old and young know about this powerful team. These are strong and courageous superheroes.

Some of the avengers team are ordinary people, others are real unique ones endowed with superpowers. The section contains games with all the heroes from the Avengers. Iron Man or Tony Stark - the favorite of the audience, not possessing superpower, but fighting on equal terms with the demigods, thanks to a futuristic costume. Captain America is a very popular Marvel character found in many games, possessing immortality and a shield that protects the captain from any attacks. The Hulk is a famous green giant. Thor is the god of thunder, with his huge hammer, Black Widow, Spider-Man and many others.

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Игра Халк-разрушитель Hulk the destroyer
4.1 | || 470
Игра Халк 2 Hulk 2
Игра Пятнашки с Человеком Пауком 4.2
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