Momo Games

Игры Момо картинка

People always gravitated to the supernatural, and the modern world, with progress and technology, could not repel this desire. It’s more difficult to scare today's man with werewolves and ghosts, and they made a fun attraction out of vampires. But the new era has its own horrors: now they live on the Internet and mobile phones. The newest among them is the heroine of the mobile game Momo, who is known for starting to send messages with threats if she is added to the contact list.

A terribly painted girl with huge eyes and a cut mouth moved such horror stories as her shoulder Slenderman and Assassin Jack. Like other online horror movies, Momo quickly began to acquire video and games with her participation. Play here is offered both in standard horror stories, where your goal is to solve a riddle and escape from Momo, as well as simple games, for example, puzzles.

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