Games My noisy house

Игры Мой шумный дом картинка

They say it’s terribly cool to have many close and friendly relatives. Perhaps, but for this you need a whole house. After all, everyone needs to accommodate themselves, and everyone should have their own corner. My noisy house games will make it clear what it means to have a huge family, because the main character has 11 children in it.

The games in this section are based on the cartoon My Noisy House, released by Nickelodeon in early 2016. The main character, Lincoln, tells the players about the difficulties and misfortunes of a large family. He has a special situation, because he is the only boy, not counting his father. And this means that 5 younger and 5 older sisters live with him! It's hard not to go crazy living with so many girls. Lincoln tries not to offend her sisters, which is quite difficult to do, because there are many of them - try to please everyone. Online games about cartoon characters are diverse: runners, platformers, tests.

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