Mickey Mouse Games

Игры Микки Маус картинка

                                   The famous Disney mouse Mickey Mouse can rightfully be considered a long-liver. This character, who has become not only a visiting card of the Disney company itself, but also a living legend of the animation as a whole, has even a birthday, besides not just one, but two. There is about a half-year difference between the official (November 18) and the present (May 15). The year of birth of the most popular rodent in the world is beyond doubt - 1928. It turns out that the famous Mickey Mouse is not so long before the centenary. Mickey Mouse games for the computer have been released for more than 10 years, and thanks to the anniversary, something grand can be expected.

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Самый популярный мышонок в мире

Now it may seem unbelievable, but its appearance and gaining such wild popularity ubiquitous Mickey is partly due to an unsuccessfully drafted contract, the result of the oversight of which was the loss of all rights by Walt Disney on the then popular Oswald rabbit, which existed in total din year.
The first of the cartoons with the participation of world-famous Mickey Mouse was still black and white, and the mouse did not even peep in it.

Игры Микки Маус

Over time, this short film was redone, music was added to it and the name was slightly changed. All the actions of this cartoon took place on board an airplane that was not entirely successfully constructed by Mickey Mouse himself. Then there was the next cartoon about Willie's steamboat, where the mouse acted as a brave, cheerful, sailor, fulfilling any whim of an inadequate captain. Well, in the future, the well-known cartoon and games of Mickey Mouse appeared.

Mickey and his friends

The legendary mouse just can not be alone. All the time he is surrounded by friends, such as himself, the legendary representatives of the animation world. Let us get to know a little closer with this fun, never-discouraging company.

  • Mickey Mouse is a vivid representative of the mouse people. Gifted personality. Very musical. In many cartoons, he acts as a conductor or artist. He plays all kinds of musical instruments. Not just trained in musical literacy, but able to perform very complex works. Friendly, always active. An entertainer and an inventor, of which there are few. With special trepidation, Minnie Mouse treats her girlfriend, relations with which do not always work out smoothly. In order to attract attention Minnie is ready to sacrifice himself. He loves all kinds of games.
  • Minnie Mouse is the subject of adoration of the famous mouse. Charming mouse with a changeable character. She’s also a spinworm. She dresses fashionably and stylishly. Prefers red and pink tones. Loves polka dot clothes. With Mickey Mouse, this baby has a rather complicated relationship. Despite all the difficulties, communication between them does not stop. Games with Mickey Mouse often boast the presence of this adorable mouse.
  • Donald Duck - never a discouraging feathered friend, who can rightfully be considered the most famous duck in the world. Never part with his sailor. Has a rather original voice. He likes to be mischievous and mischievous, a master of fiction. In some cartoons, he acts as a protector. Delighted with his girlfriend Daisy Duck, the owner of an excellent bow, which often appears both herself and in the company of Minnie Mouse. On the Internet you can find many games with the participation of Donald Duck.
  • Goofy is a charming dog, one of the most devoted friends of the mouse and duckling. Good-natured and friendly to others, always ready for feats. Slightly clumsy, which makes him especially touching. He has an excellent sense of humor, he can charge anyone with a positive. Has his own family, whom you can meet in some of the cartoons. Games with Goofy will appeal to all lovers of runners and walkers.
  • Pluto is another dog that has gained fame due to communication with Mickey Mouse often acts as a defender of the latter. Naughty and never discouraging.
  • Pete is another member of the canine family. Goofy's neighbor with a rather nasty character. The owner of the store, frankly greedy, but never stint on compliments for the fair sex, is a gallant gentleman. He can be considered a member of the Mickey Mouse team and even his friend, but not very close.

In addition to these star friends, Mickey has others, for example, Chip and Dale. Each of the friends has, of course, its own stellar history, but this does not mean at all that they cannot be friends with each other. They can, and how. Many of them appear far beyond their own stories and series, even in feature films they are sometimes shown. Exactly one thing, they do not suffer from star fever: they are not conceited, do not boast, do not try to prove their superiority to anyone, but are just friends.

With Mickey Mouse it’s always interesting

The mouse and his girlfriend ears are always on top of the head. Wherever they have not visited for a long time of their existence. And around the world travels recovered and fought with ghosts, while very successfully. The mice were able to defend their mouse house, which proved their worth to the whole world.

Mickey Mouse is often the first, he knows how to get out of the water dry. It cannot be otherwise, because from the very beginning, many of the cartoons about this famous rodent at the Disney movie studio were the first. This is the first film with sound, and the first color cartoon.

Игры Микки Маус

Today, however, as many years ago, thousands of children's eyes enthusiastically look at the mouse. Numerous cartoons and series about the adventures of the mouse and his friends will never lose popularity. There are simple cartoons about adventures among them, because for so many years friends haven’t had to endure, even as musketeers they have been. There are games about Mickey Mouse that are released not only for computers, but also for other popular platforms.

The legendary representative of the mouse family is not only the owner of Disneyland, this charming woman also has her own club, that's where kids are very interesting. Together with Mickey, you can sing and dance, look for various objects, in general, spend time with benefit. It is enough to say a magic spell: “Mikka! Mocha! Mickey! Mouse! " and then you’ll turn out to be a member of the mouse club, by the way, everyone is welcome there.