Games Swords and Sandals

Игры Мечи и Сандали картинка

                                   Courage and courage, mysticism and magic, meanness and baseness - which you will not meet in the arena, especially if you have to visit in the shoes of a gladiator. To find out if you have a chance to win in a gladiatorial battle, you should pay attention to the game of swords and sandals. The life of the kings of the arena is fleeting, dangers await here at every step, everything during the battles is organized in such a way that losing is tantamount to death. To survive is your task.

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Что интересного в виртуальных гладиаторских боях

In the virtual world, gladiators can do anything, but for this you need to have not only courage, but also differ in a number of qualities. There are training fights in these games, and there are arenas full of spectators. And as you know, the crowd loves the successful. So the fighters have to not only get new weapons, but also pump their charisma. It will depend on how the swords or sandals chosen for the hero look. By the way, about sandals: they should be comfortable so that it is easier to maneuver, otherwise you will not see good luck.

Игры Мечи и Сандали 2, 3, 4

By the way, do not be surprised that in the game the gladiator candidates have money. They are quite easy to earn here, but only on condition that the battle will be won by your chosen character, and not his opponent. For losing in games, swords and sandals earned hard will be removed, and you will have to go out into the arena not with a sword and sandals, but, as they say, naked. Believe me, this is not very nice. With zero characteristics, practically with one with a sword and sandals, you will have to take part in battles with the boss, but as a result of defeating him, happiness will unrealistic, and there will be much more opportunities to rock your hero. So the game is arranged. Otherwise, it would be uninteresting.

How to make a handsome man out of a hero

Before starting any of the games, you will find out what exactly brought the hero of your choice to the arena. Motives are different for everyone, but all the ways lead to participation in tournaments. By the way, not all sword and sandal games involve participation in gladiatorial battles for spectators. Among them there are those in which you have to go on a campaign in order to conquer new lands, gain glory and honors. Without comfortable sandals in this case it will be difficult, do not forget about it. Crusades are a profitable business. And then you can afford to buy the coolest sandals and a cool sword.

Играть в Мечи и Сандали 2, 3, 4 онлайн

Before you take the first step, you should change. Do not be surprised, but the hero that you will control in the future must be literally blinded from separate parts. Moreover, this applies to everything: facial hair, hairstyles, physique, height and weight. Immediately you will need to decide what to give priority to pumping strength and dexterity or developing magical abilities.

Gameplay Features Swords and Sandals

In all games, it’s convenient to observe the characteristics of the selected hero. During the battle, each of the indicators is visible. Armor, magic, shield, sword, charisma, strength, and so on change after every blow, both delivered and received. The enemy is left without a head - get a bonus. And they lost the battle - they were left without gingerbread and upgrade opportunities: new sandals will not give, and the sword will not work. Information circles with pictures are located immediately above the gladiator. At the top of the screen there is also a scale with indicators. You can also navigate it.

During the Crusades, everything is somewhat different. There you have to move, conquering new lands and leave the army in the conquered territories. In search of new weapons, armor or swords, as well as other delights, one has to go shopping. This is also nothing complicated. The assortment is displayed on the panel. Those items that you can afford will be brighter. By the way, it is important to think carefully about what and when to improve. Sometimes it makes sense to dig up some money and buy better sandals. The wallet is not dimensionless, and there is no possibility to sell your sword or shield with low characteristics in games.
You are not playing yet? But in vain! The arena is already calling.