Games Masyanya

Игры Масяня картинка

                                   The eccentric girl with an oval slightly flattened face and loose hair, whose affectionate nickname, unlike her real name, is known to many. Well, guess? Of course, we are talking about Masyan, who first appeared on the Internet in the distant 2001. It all started with emailing and posting amateur cartoons on a personal page, and ended with overwhelming success, opening our own studio, receiving awards in five categories of the National Internet Prize. Masyanya games also appeared in the early 2000s and are still popular on the Russian-speaking Internet.

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Знакомьтесь, Масяня и ее окружение

Masyanya’s father can be considered the talented St. Petersburg artist Oleg Kuvaev, but the mother, perhaps, is the World Wide Web. Be that as it may, the cartoon began to multiply by leaps and bounds and not always in a legal way, which added a lot of trouble to its creator. Masyanya, without asking, managed to sneak even onto television screens. In Ukraine, the cartoon itself was broadcast on one of the channels, and in Russia they made this extraordinary personality the host of one of the TV shows. Looking at Masyanya, you immediately understand that this charismatic person overcame the path from an amateur series to a large-scale project.

So, the real name of our heroine is still Maria, and the girl received an affectionate nickname with the light hand of the creator. Our Masha is not as simple as you might think, her eccentricity captivates, anarchist views are alarming, and the manner of speaking makes us seriously think about our own health. They assert, of course, that laughter is a good thing, but be careful, and even tear your stomach away for a long time.

Игры Масяня

Looking at the happy owner of six hairs, you begin to realize that you will not ruin beauty. At least, Masyanu does not touch such a hairstyle, and this red girl is not very inclined to dressing up. The girl often wears a red top and a blue miniskirt, she appears from year to year in the same outfit, and somehow she does not soar about her appearance. It is unlikely that anyone would dare to point out this, but what good can be gotten, this person can criticize anyone, while not being embarrassed in either words or expressions. Be sure that not a single flaw will slip past her sharp-sighted blue eyes, and if you get into her tongue, you will wrap yourself around for a long time.

Unlike many other cartoon characters, Masyanya grows with her viewers. She even managed to get married and give birth to children. This caring mother brings up the kids very original, but also suffers from them enough. Agree, not every mom will perceive a shower of porridge as an inevitable evil. With children, and there are two of them in the family, she communicates somewhat differently than with the rest. It’s not that he doesn’t allow himself anything extra, but he still tries to protect children from sharp words. Sometimes during communication with kids without strangers it becomes completely serious and affectionate.

Игры Масяня

Hryundel (aka Alexander) is the boyfriend of Masyany. The owner of a chic hairstyle of three hairs. Likes to dress in blue overalls. He likes to goof off. The relationship between this sweet couple is very confusing. For some time, Hryundel was even officially married to Masyan, but their marriage was not durable, but the kids turned out to be nice. In addition, despite the lack of a stamp in the passport, young people live together. By the way, not a single person in the world could pretend that he likes rotten egg soup with boiled onions and ferry. For some reason, it’s not even surprising that, as a lazy person, Hryundel voluntarily assumed the responsibility of preparing food after such a treat . Here’s how you need to educate a boyfriend, our decent girl made special soup specially, it wasn’t figs to run away from her with a baby!

Shaggy (aka Anton) friend of Masyani and Khryundel. He did not grow in height, but nature endowed him with hair so that you can envy. He got his affectionate nickname for a large amount of hair. Naive. He doesn’t have a permanent girlfriend, maybe because he often observes his friends ’communication.

About computer games

You can chat with Masyanya in computer games, just imagine how much fun it is. With the participation of Masyanya and her friends Hrundel and Shaggy, there are a lot of games. Among them are puzzles and adventure games, quests, and even a business strategy. Especially popular are those games in the creation of which Kuvaev himself took part, well, and the absence of a large number of others is understandable in principle, who is hunting again in court?

Kuvaev not only voiced all the cartoon characters in three quests and business strategies, but still jokes and questions all sorts of different for them came up with. All quests are united by a common plot, but this does not mean at all that it is necessary to start communication with Masyanya from the first game, in which Masyanya was lucky to work as a journalist. Well, then you yourself understand, a journalistic investigation, a craving for adventure and the ability to attract attention and trouble, and more than enough of them when searching for treasures. The game Masyanya in full Africa became the final part of the series, gathering all the best from previous games.

No less troubles, ending, by the way, with a happy end, are waiting for the heroes on the beach, because in order to get home A fun company needs to earn money for travel first. Well, who knew that in warm countries you can stay without suitcases and without livelihoods? It’s good that they didn’t get to the north pole to the bears, but to whom are there shish kebabs with ice cream to sell? Communication with Masyanya is that unique case when viewing can be started even from the last series, it will not be boring, but a good mood is guaranteed!