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Игры Тракторы картинка

                                   Someone uses cars for personal needs, someone carries passengers, for some, a car is an opportunity to throw out adrenaline and enjoy high speeds at the races, but for someone it is an irreplaceable agricultural subject. We’ll argue about the last group of people. In recent years, with the development of the Internet, there have been many fans of games about farms, in which it was necessary to grow vegetables, animals and establish entire production. From there came the love of various farming facilities, combines and tractors. In this category you can play tractor games online!

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Какими бывают игры про тракторы

Have you always dreamed of becoming a farmer, but in real life it did not work out? With the advent of the computer, it has become possible! Now anyone can drive a tractor without leaving home. In general, frankly speaking, tractor games are a rather specific genre, and there are very few such games on the World Wide Web, but what is there is rather boring and rather boring. But there are also interesting specimens that can occupy a gamer for a long period of time. But let's look at the most common types of games of this genre.

Passing obstacles

The gameplay of such games is a camera aimed at the side of the tractor, forming a 2D reality, although 3D graphics are sometimes found, but very rarely. Your task will be to bring the tractor to the finish line, overcoming all obstacles. More often than not, all such obstacles will be ski jumps, high cliffs, mountains with different levels of inclination, and mountains of garbage. It’s easy to pass such obstacle courses, but keep in mind that the whole game will be divided into levels and each new level will become more difficult to complete than the previous one.

Игры Тракторы

Screenshot from Farming Simulator 2013, Giants Software and 1C -SoftClub.

If you want to go through the whole game, and not just kill time, then get ready for the fact that it will take from 30 minutes to several hours. Management in this type of tractor games is extremely simple and everyone can figure it out - these are arrows. Arrows up and down are responsible for the tractor moving forward and backward, respectively, and to the right and left, at its tilt level.

Игры Тракторы

Screenshot from Farming Simulator 2013, Giants Software and 1C-SoftKlab.

When passing obstacles, you will need to first think about what speed is best to accelerate, and then overcome it using the right keys and left to maintain balance and keeping the machine horizontal. Some developers can diversify their gameplay with the help of a cart attached to the tractor, which will contain valuable things. Your task in such games is not only to get to the finish line, in integrity and safety, but also to bring these things.


The second type of games is a race where you have to fight with computer rivals. The graphics in this form works in 3D mode, and the camera view is directed from the rear of the vehicle. True, online tractor racing games are very rare, but we tried to get together in this category all of them. With such huge machines you cannot accelerate to tremendous speeds, but you can compete with the enemy in mastery of control and the ability to keep your vehicle in a horizontal position. In addition to tasks where you just need to get to the finish line, in some races you may be required to harvest or dig a trench faster than the enemy does.

Computer games

Well, if online Games aren’t enough for you, but we offer you a selection of the best computer games about tractors and farm simulators.

  • Farm Machines Championships is one of the best simulators of competitions in farmland, released in 2014. Thanks to its lightweight system requirements, Farm Machines Championships will be able to go on any computer, including cheap laptops, which is a huge advantage over most heavy races. At Farm Machines, you are invited to participate in 40 competitions ranging from racing on tractors with trailers to high-speed harvesting. In addition to interesting gameplay, a large selection of machines and the possibility of upgrading them, the simulator will delight farm fans with first-class graphics, which no representative of this genre can compare with.
  • Farming Simulator 2013 is another simulator, however here you are You will not take part in competitions, but will become the owner of a farm that is in serious decline. Bring the farm back to life and become the most popular farmer in the country! In order to do this, you can manage a large number of farm equipment, as well as build animal pens and grow food.
  • Farm Racer is a cool and quite interesting game. At Farm Racer, the peasants in the village decided to race their tractors and these competitions were destined to be the craziest in history. Fly through the jumps, fall into the pits and roll over on your tractors!
  • Traktor Racer - another race that will also be completely different from riding in rural cars! Only tremendous speeds and adrenaline await you! Win 5 competitions in one of 25 models of rural vehicles.