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Игры Такси картинка

                                   All people are different. Each of us has our hobbies and our dreams. Someone wants to become a manager or architect, but someone has more unusual dreams for today's person, for example, to become a firefighter, doctor, lifeguard, or taxi driver. And in 2001-2010, the latter became much larger, and all thanks to everyone’s beloved series of films under the same name, “Taxi”, famous for its French humor and exciting storyline, which makes the audience empathize, then laugh at the heads of the heroes. Online taxi games are not only the delivery of customers, but also a large number of exciting races for any age.

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Before playing in a taxi, let's first find out about the history of this wonderful and necessary type of public transport for many. It is believed that the very first ancestors of modern taxis appeared more than 2000 years ago in ancient Rome. Then the role of public transport was performed by small horse-drawn carts intended for the middle class of townspeople who did not have their own transport or simply did not see any sense in it, when traveling for a short distance. after which the calculation was made. The first modern analogs of taxis appeared in Europe since the 17th century and were small covered carriages with a cab, which could be caught right from the road. The first cabs appeared in the 19th century, which were very popular until the beginning of the 20th century, when modern taxis appeared with distance meters.

Повозки имели даже свои хитроумные счетчики, позволяющие считать пройденное расстояние, после чего производился расчет. Первые современные аналоги такси появились в Европе, начиная с 17 века и представляли собой небольшие крытые кареты с извозчиком, поймать которые можно было прямо с дороги. В 19 веке появились первые кебы, которые были очень популярны вплоть до начала 20 века, когда появились современные такси со счетчиками расстояния.

Игры Такси

Screenshot from New York City Taxi Simulator, Ikaron.

Today, taxis can be found in almost any city in the world. True fares will vary significantly from each other. In tourist cities, the fare will be many times higher than where taxis transport local residents. In addition, in addition to official taxis, there are also illegal ones that themselves regulate the fare. Taxi games posted on this page allow you to play not only for the familiar yellow cars, but also for taxis from other cities in the world.

Игры Такси

Screenshot from New York City Taxi Simulator, Ikaron.

Not everyone knows that black cabs are still working in London, only now they have become more modern, fast and maneuverable. Due to its small size, cabs are not very busy streets and are able to quickly deliver passengers to their destination. For example, in Thailand, if you need to get somewhere, then most likely you will have to do it on a fragile and very small hybrid car and motorcycle, since it is such hybrids that transport tourists to popular beaches and shopping centers of the country. || |

Games about taxi

Being a driver is not the most interesting profession, of course, if you are not a driver of a sports car and do not participate in races, but some like it. For those who like to transport passengers on yellow cars, many games have been created where you are given the opportunity to try on the role of a taxi driver and do the transportation of passengers. Taxi games are a rather fascinating genre, because they are diverse and combine many subgenres. Now we will try to understand these subgenres with you.

  • Transportation - here you will transport people from point A to point B, overcoming various obstacles. The obstacles will be the lively routes of megalopolises with a large number of cars, and mountains with ravines located in the countryside. After you take the passenger to the destination, you will either receive money or complete the level.
  • Racing - here you must develop maximum speed and outrun rivals, who can also be taxi drivers.
  • Парковка — припаркуйте свою машину в нужное место и повысьте свои навыки управления автомобилем.
  • Overcoming obstacles - jump over ski jumps and pits, and also climb high mountains passing obstacle courses.
  • Arcade - in the arcade you may need anything you like, starting from collecting a puzzle in and ending with kisses in the passenger compartment.

In addition to genres, all games can also be of several kinds.

Top view

The main distinguishing feature of this category is that the view of the car is not carried out from its rear, but from above, as if you were being shot from a satellite or from a helicopter. The graphics in such games are most often in the 2D format, however, 3D instances can also be found. Management is extremely simple - these are arrows or “wasd”, which are responsible for moving a taxi in a horizontal plane, as well as a space, which is responsible for picking and dropping off passengers. Your goal is to deliver your customers to their destination as quickly as possible, trying not to get off the track and crash into other cars.

With a side view

In such games, the taxi is view on the side, and the gameplay poses overcoming obstacles - springboards, slides, cliffs and rubble debris. The goal also remains the safe delivery of your customers from one point to another, but management has changed a bit. Here you will need not to move left and right, trying to stay on the track, but try to maintain balance while overcoming obstacles.

3d mode

This category of games is the most ordinary race, however, instead of competing with rivals, you will need to carry passengers. The camera view will be directed to the rear of the car, and the graphics will be in 3D format.