Games Fire engines

Игры Пожарные машины картинка

                                   Today, children have many desires; they want to be spies: undercover super agents, and superheroes, and even firefighters, saving the lives of unfortunate fire victims and rescuing poor cats from tall trees. But to become rescuers you need to be big and strong, but what if you want to save people, but you are still very small? Of course go online! Fire truck games for boys and girls will be great entertainment and help kids to experience in their own skin what it means to be a lifeguard.

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Как появились пожарные

Games fire engines allow you to become virtual rescuers, but every self-respecting rescuer must know his story, so let's find out how the profession of firefighters came into being.

Once upon a time, fire became an excellent tool that often saved people from large predators, frosts and helped to prepare make more nutritious and wholesome food. However, with the advent of the first joint settlements, people recognized the destructive power of fire. Since one house was on fire, it could easily burn an entire village settlement or even a large city. So the people of that time urgently needed to find a way out of this situation in order to protect the ancient settlements from the misfortunes of this destructive and comprehensive element.

Игры Пожарные машины

Screenshot from Flughafen Feuerwehr Simulator 2010, company Rondomedia GmbH.

Так и появились первые пожарные бригады. Считается, что раньше всего, а именно чуть большее 2000 лет назад они образовались на территории Древнего Рима, где в качестве пожарников использовались обыкновенные мало обученные, но из-за большой численности способные потушить или хотя бы остановить практически любой пожар, рабы. Более серьезное развитие пожарные команды получили уже в Европе, начиная с 18 века появились первые рукава и брандспойты, работающие от ручных насосов и способные распылять воду на значительном расстоянии от источника возгорания.

Until the 18th century, there was no single , grouped, rescue services and all the brigades worked individually, which often was the reason for the inability to stop a serious fire. But at the end of the 1800s, a focal point was created, which received all the calls from residents of large cities and sent rescue teams to them. This time can be considered the beginning of the modern fire service.

Today, fire brigades work in all countries of the world and monitor not only the fire, but also save the lives of people by taking them out of distorted cars or removing cats from trees.

Game industry

Along with the police and astronauts, many children also want to become firefighters, so many games were created in which you can put out fires, drive a big red car and save people by taking them out of burning buildings. Unlike other genres of the game, here you will find many fascinating arcades with diverse gameplay.

In some games you will need to catch people jumping from the windows of burning houses, in some to put out fires from a helicopter or plane , in some people pulling people out of hard-to-reach places, but of course, most often you will have to put out the fires yourself.

Игры Пожарные машины

Screenshot from Flughafen Feuerwehr Simulator 2010, company Rondomedia GmbH.

And if with catching and saving people, everything is clear, then you can extinguish fires in different ways. In some games, you will manage third-party rescuers and help them collect hoses, and then direct them to the fire. In others, you will immediately control the hose that you need to point at the flame with the mouse. Games where you need to extinguish a fire in the first person are exciting, but it will be much more interesting games where you still have to control a large fire engine.

We control a fire engine

In turn, games about firefighters machines are divided into three large varieties.

  • The first type is overcoming obstacles by maintaining equilibrium and accurately calculating how fast and how you must overcome the obstacle. Sometimes, the car will have a trailer, in which there is an important load necessary to extinguish a fire. This load will need to be brought to the end of the map without losing it in time to overcome obstacles.
  • The second type of games is a 2D race with a top view, where you first need to get to your destination, trying not to get off the track and Do not crash into other cars, and then put out the fire itself. The main component of success in such games will be your speed and reaction. After all, the faster you can reach the destination, the faster you can put out the fire and go to the next level.
  • The third view is a ride in 3D mode with a rear view. This view is the most accurate firefighter simulator. Here you will also need to get to the scene of the incident, after which the main mission will begin.

In this section we tried to collect the most interesting games about this dangerous and heroic profession. Now everyone can become a professional firefighter in a virtual universe!