Games Parking Cars

Игры Парковка машин картинка

                                   Almost all children, regardless of gender and age, simply love to play with cars. They drag them all over the apartment and take them to school to brag to their friends, ride them in the country, and of course, play them on the computer. But on the Internet there is simply an unimaginable number of games with cars, there are races, and shooters, and jumpers where you need to keep balance, and even transport goods from one point to another. But in this category we will talk about something else. Parking games - everyone who wants to start their car in the future and wants to learn how to drive it in advance will like it.

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Паркуемся правильном

Learning to drive a car is best from an early age, even if in the beginning this will happen in games. Parking games are a great way to learn how to turn the steering wheel in order to turn the car correctly. To park correctly, both in games and in real life, you need to know a few simple rules.

  • First, you should always control everything that happens around your vehicle. In games, this is easier, in cars equipped with cameras, too, well, if there is no camera, you will have to turn your head, monitor the indicators of the parking sensors and carefully look in the rearview mirror. Using all these tools, you must always monitor the people who are walking near you, for animals that can easily get under the wheels and for obstacles such as curbs or scattered bricks. If you want to stay in a place where there are already a lot of cars, you will need to make sure that you do not scratch one of them.
  • Secondly, you need to understand that there are different types of cars, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. And the movement on them will be slightly different, so it’s very important to imagine in your head how the axles move and which direction the wheels turn when you turn the steering wheel.
  • Third, you need to carefully choose the place where you are going to stop. Do not try to stop the car where you have any doubts and fears that you can’t do it. Do not forget about the rules of the road and leave your car only in authorized places. Better not take risks and choose another place. In addition, we must not forget that your doors should open quietly in both directions and not interfere with the passage of other vehicles. If you have doubts that the doors may not open, then look for other places.

There are several types of parking, but many types are only available to professional drivers. There are only two main types.

  • Direct parking is the easiest option, here you have to park the car along any object. This option is most often found in games, but because of its simplicity, it is not as interesting as the second.
  • Parallel parking - here everything is a little more difficult, but also more fun. The most important thing is to choose the right place and be sure that your car will fit into it. Your goal will be to drop into an empty space in reverse and stop between two cars standing next to you.

How to play car parking

This genre owes its popularity to children, who have their own parents a car and taking their kids to school. Taking the example from parents, the kids also want to drive around the city, and most importantly and perhaps the most difficult thing is to park their car in the parking lot. But since rights can only be obtained from the age of 18, there is nothing to do but go on a trip to the World Wide Web, where you can find dozens and even hundreds of such games. And having played enough, when you go through all the levels and can figure out how to park the car correctly, after 18 years, the road to a driving school will be open for you, where you can already practice on a real car. Having studied the theory on a computer, managing in real life may not be much, but still easier.

Игры Парковка машин

Parking games are very similar to each other. After loading the main menu, where you need to click "Start" and see a brief training on the main control keys, you will see a 2D picture on which the machine will be displayed and the arrows in which direction you need to go. The car is controlled using the arrow keys and will be clear even to the smallest child. Your goal in such games is to get along the arrows to the destination marked by the selected area and park on it correctly. Thanks to the top view, this is not at all difficult and quite exciting.

In modern cars equipped with computers and video cameras located around the perimeter of the whole body, parking will be exactly the same as in the games presented here, because the view on the platform around the car will also be as if from above. For the interest of gamers, the time for which you must reach the destination is strictly limited and in case you do not have time - this will mean defeat. You can’t even crash into pillars, borders and other vehicles - this will also mean either an instant defeat or the taking of lives.

Игры Парковка машин

Parking games are interesting in that the actions in them will take place not only in the parking lot. You will have to park your vehicle in the most difficult and difficult places. In some games, you will first need to drive around the city, and then get up in the right place. The dimensions of the cars will also vary and you have to manage both passenger sports cars and trucks, and even tanks.