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Игры Камазы картинка

                                   In the world you can find a lot of different cars. But most of them are not made in Russia. In this section of our portal, we will focus on Russian cars for real men - KAMAZ trucks. These heavy vehicles are capable of transporting boats, helicopters, tons of cargo and minerals, and in addition, they have high traffic and are able to overcome almost any obstacle in their path. No wonder Russia even hosts races with the participation of these machines. KAMAZ games will allow boys and girls to participate in such races or to engage in the transportation of heavy loads.

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Как появились КАМАЗы

Not many people know that the name of KAMAZ cars comes from the name of the plant of the same name that produces them. This plant was founded back in the 70s of the last century and was intended to supply the USSR with trucks, which would allow not to buy them from other countries. The construction of the plant was truly grandiose in scope. Not only tens of thousands of people and hundreds of companies of the former USSR took part in it, but also foreign experts from Europe and Asia. A place for the plant was chosen near a small city, the population of which, in just 10 years of the construction of the plant, grew by several hundred thousand people. After the construction was completed, the KAMAZ plant entered the production of 15 thousand cars a year. However, this was not enough and the increase in the plant continued. After another 10 years, the number of cars produced increased to 100 thousand units per year. However, due to the 1993 fire, the plant was badly damaged and the number of cars produced decreased. Today KAMAZ is one of the world leaders in the field of the freight automobile industry.

A bit about games

KAMAZ games have long become not just simulators for driving cars. This genre also means racing, transportation of goods, and overcoming obstacles on trucks similar in form to Russian KAMAZ trucks. But let's take a closer look at all the varieties of games where you will drive huge trucks and transport goods.

Cargo delivery

KAMAZ trucks were originally intended for the transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, so it is not surprising that delivery Cargo is the most popular subgenre of these games. They will require such qualities as a good reaction, the ability to maintain balance using the keys on the keyboard, as well as logical thinking, because you will need to think at what speed to overcome obstacles and at what angle it is best to approach. The gameplay of games about transportation of goods is very simple and understandable even to the smallest children.

Игры Камазы

Screenshot from Spin Tires 2014, by Oovee Game Studios.

KAMAZ trucks are viewed from the side and on your screen you will see only the right side of the car. The graphics in games are often of poor quality and poorly drawn, but you need to understand that the graphics in any flash games are very primitive, so this is not the main thing.

And the main thing here is interest and excitement, because for which everyone plays the game. And in the transportation of goods, these qualities are present. After all, here you will need to go through level after level, each of which will be a little more difficult than the previous one. And if you do not complete the task, then you will have to go through the level first, so you will definitely want to beat your previous result. It is because of the desire to overcome your own result that you can play such games for a very long time.

Игры Камазы

Screenshot from Spin Tires 2014, by Oovee Game Studios.

You can control KAMAZ with the arrows that are responsible for gas, brake, as well as the overweight of the body on the right and left sides. Your goal is to get to the finish without turning over and bring your cargo safe and sound. During a coup, the level is considered failed. In some varieties of games, cars have an indicator of lives, similar to shooters and rpg games. The life of the car will be taken away due to strong blows, unsuccessful touchdowns and a coup. But even if everything is in order with your lives, but you lose most of the load, the level will still not be passed. The most interesting and realistic computer game about KAMAZ and transportation is Spin Tires 2014.

Standard races

KAMAZ races are held not only in real life, but also in games. This subgenre has more modern graphics. Models of cars here will be drawn much better. And the view of the camera will not be directed to the side, but to the back of your car. In such games, you will need to either bring some kind of cargo, maneuvering in the stream of cars, trying not to get off the track and not crash into them, or overtake other cars and try to get to the finish line first. The control will be either the arrow keys or WASD, sometimes “ctrl” or “space” can be responsible for acceleration.