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Игры Грузовики картинка

                                   Today you can find many races, and differing from each other not only in gameplay, but also in vehicles. Thanks to the development of online games, you can compete both with computer rivals and with your friends, using airplanes, helicopters, racing sports cars, motorcycles and even spaceships under your command. And most importantly, for all these vehicles, you can play directly on our website. In this section you will find the best truck racing games with and without a trailer. Managing huge cars is very difficult, but you can drive along any highway and in any weather! Truck Games are cool races!

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Преодоление препятствий

All the games of the truck race, according to their gameplay, are divided into several large varieties, we will tell about them now. Overcoming obstacles is the largest variety of such races. After loading, a truck will appear on your screen in a horizontal plane, the view of which will be opened from its side. Most often, the graphics in such games will be in a sufficiently 2d format and will not be of any interest to professional gamers. But the gameplay itself is more interesting and represents the passage of obstacles by balancing and maintaining the balance of the car. Balance control, most often everything is done by left and right arrows, up arrow is responsible for gas, and down is for brake.

Игры Грузовики

Screenshot from Euro Truck Simulator 2, SCS Software and Akella.

Variety obstacles on the track, in races, is limited only by the imagination of the developers - but the most popular of them are ski jumps, overcoming blockages from other cars and riding uphill. And although not all truck games of this variety can boast of good graphics and physics, as well as interesting gameplay, some of them still deserve attention and allow you to plunge into their passage for a long time. In addition to the usual passing levels for a while, there are also such games where you will need to race on trucks with computer rivals.

Riding a truck on rough terrain

Here, unlike the previous category of races, the camera is aimed at the rear of the car, and the graphics will already be in full 3D and at the maximum allowable capacity for flash games . But as you know, they are rather stingy and in the foreseeable future they will not be able to compare with client games. Only the new engine - Unity 3D, which has already created quite a few popular hits, is hoping.

Игра гонки на грузовиках

Screenshot from Euro Truck Simulator 2, SCS Software and Akella.

Such games about Trucks simple enough, in them you will need to compete with rivals on a closed circuit. The arrows are responsible for the control, and a space most often indicates an action (attack, acceleration, changing the shape of the car). The purpose of the race is to drive along the road, trying to get ahead of your rivals and keep the truck as far away as possible from its edges, because if it rolls out of it, your speed will greatly decrease. Obstacles may appear on the roads - slides, pits, jumps, blockages and cliffs, which you must successfully overcome. It’s quite interesting to play such truck races.

Transportation of goods with obstacles

In this variety of games you have to overcome obstacles - jumps, mountains, piles of scrap metal, pits, driving a large truck, cliffs and so on. But overcoming obstacles would not be so interesting if, in addition to the machines themselves, you would not need to transport goods, starting from construction equipment and ending with equipment, excavators and tractors.

When driving a truck, it is very important to balance correctly while holding the car in level position while overcoming obstacles and ski jumping. If the car turns over you lose and the level starts again. If something happens to the cargo given to you for transportation, it crashes or falls out of the body, then you also automatically lose.

Each new level, as in all arcades, will be more difficult than the previous one, which adds more to gamers excitement. Sometimes, in order to overcome this or that obstacle and not lose the load, you will need to think for a long time, sorting through various options of the course, calculating the necessary speed and acceleration force.

3D mode

Here You will also need to drive a truck and deliver goods, but you will not need any logical thinking. The camera view, unlike the previous category, will not be on the side, but on the back. To complete the levels, you only need the ability to stay steady on the track and not pull over to its sidelines. 3D mode is distinguished by more perfect and realistic graphics, although of course it is much inferior to modern computer games.