Games Car eats a car

Игры Машина ест машину картинка

Want to be the coolest on the road? Sometimes you get angry and so you want to beat all the neighboring cars to hell and drive forward along an empty highway. And you can become the owner of a monster car, just by starting to play games the car eats the car. With such a car, you are definitely not afraid of the rest of the movement!

In the online games of this section, you are driving a monster truck and you need to drive a car, go around obstacles and collect red diamonds that add points to you. On the way you can meet other cars - they want to push you off the road and cause you damage. Some attack from the front, just getting in the way of movement, others vilely creep up behind and try to prick with spikes - beware of them! Collect bonus boxes and use them to complete the level. A series of a car eating a car includes 8 games consisting of 20 levels.

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