Games Masha and the Bear

Игры Маша и Медведь картинка

                                   Girls and boys, their parents, even grandparents are familiar with the cute eccentric heroine of the animated series Masha and the Bear, which today consists of 45 fun, informative and instructive 6-minute episodes. In addition to the two seasons of the main animated series, there is also a spin-off called Machines of a Tale, in which the young storyteller knows the world, as well as many of the famous fairy tales of her toys, turning them at the same time in her own way. The games Masha and the Bear are very popular, although at the moment there are very few of them.

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О мультфильме

Masha loves to remake various fairy tales in her own way, it’s quite possible to forgive the restless baby for such a free presentation of the material, because if you understand it well, then her modern adventures do not resemble the classic story about Masha and the Bear.

The first acquaintance with the provocative little girl in a raspberry sundress, Masha st and bears held in 2009. The first series was a Christmas present to thousands of cartoon lovers. Needless to say, since the moment Masha and the Bear appeared on the screens, they immediately found their audience. In anticipation of the next series, not only children but also adults gathered at the screens. And the games Masha and the Bear allow you to diversify children's leisure while waiting for a new series of the cartoon.

Oh, this Masha!

How and when Masha got into the forest to the Bear, the story is silent . So far, nothing is known about the parents of the girl or any of her adult relatives. She has a cousin, Dasha, who is distinguished by a more complaisant character, who even came to the forest for a short while to stay with her sister. But the guests come and go, and life in the forest continues, and this life is full, full of incredible adventures, witnessed by the good-natured brown Bear and other forest dwellers. whimpering and not inventing yet another prank, and not showing healthy children's curiosity, this would be the calmest hour in the life of not only Misha, who is trying to instill in the girl good manners, as much as possible, but also of all other forest inhabitants. This girl is never discouraged and simply does not know how to sit in place, and she does not let others. She must run somewhere, do something, catch someone, throw a bump at someone. In general: it must act.

Если бы Маша хотя бы час просидела смирно, нигде не нашкодив и не придумав очередной шалости, и не проявив здорового детского любопытства, это был бы самый спокойный час в жизни не только Миши, пытающегося привить девочке хорошие манеры, насколько это вообще возможно, но и всех других лесных жителей. Девочка эта никогда не унывает и на месте сидеть просто не умеет, да и другим не дает. Она должна куда-то бежать, что-то делать, кого-то ловить, в кого-то шишку бросить. В общем: она должна действовать.
Most of all it goes to the pets, who clearly learned: who did not have time to hide, he fell under the hand.

Игры Маша и Медведь

The goat, the Dog and the Pig have learned it well, only the poor pig gets it more often than others, because she does not know how to run fast, which means she will have to ride in a wheelchair and dab a dummy, and try on all sorts of things for herself. Even the wolves, these well-known orderlies in the forest who live in an abandoned ambulance, try to avoid Masha’s eyes without unnecessary need. Squirrels openly love to fool around and use her own methods in communicating with the girl, throw her with cones.

Masha, of course, loves to play around, but she is naughty at all from evil, but rather from an excess of energy and overwhelming emotions . She is kind and sweet, only she sometimes tries to impose her kindness on others. Well, think, I fed everyone in the woods porridge to the dump, it’s not even clear what to be offended by? An energetic girl takes on any business, she will always find what to do: you can jump in a bucket, you can look at Misha’s cups, you can settle down for a company with a penguin for a while, so that the baby will not be bored.

Masha is very loves to cook. At the same time, the girl cooks jam so that you lick your fingers right. Masha’s cooking porridge is also not bad, but only her forest residents have to voluntarily-forcibly. A girl is also taken for cooking dumplings, because Misha needs help with the housework, and also a competitor - his nephew to show who is the boss in the house. In many games about Masha and the Bear, you will have to deal with the preparation of food.

Here it is, our Bear

It is easy to guess what working days a circus artist can be. Constant moving, the noise of the crowd, the applause of an enthusiastic audience. It is highly doubtful that the Bear Bear at one time, going for a well-deserved rest, dreamed of precisely such a "quiet life" in whose whirlpool he found himself. But it turned out what happened. In the end, it is still unknown what is better: talking with an energetic girl who is capable of replacing a hundred or two circus lovers with her modest presence or complete oblivion and loneliness.

In general, Misha chose to live with Masha, and judging by everything, did it fully consciously. And since he is already an adult, he is fully aware of everything. This fabulous Bear with angelic patience can be characterized as a responsible and friendly charismatic friend and mentor of a little girl. He is very proud of his past, with trepidation regarding numerous cups and medals. Our Bear loves fishing, enjoys gardening, he even has his own bees, besides all this he will cook and wash, and a new dress will be sewn for Masha if necessary. In general, not a bear, but a treasure.

Игры Маша и Медведь

And his character is just lovely. After all, he understands that the Hare helps him in the garden not just like that, but in order to be able to steal a carrot, but does not take offense at him for this, but takes everything for granted. Perhaps he even considers carrots eaten by the bunny to be at least some kind of material compensation for the Trick Machines.

One upsets our Misha, he doesn’t always work out smoothly with the Bear, he has a competitor, a Himalayan bear, but sometimes she nevertheless comes to visit our Bear for a cup of tea. It would be surprising if such a charismatic couple like Masha and the Bear, as well as their entire environment did not appear in the computer world. Today there are a lot of games with their participation. And if everything is under control in Masha’s cartoons, then it happens differently during the game. No, no, and still one of the animals will be able to escape from the loving, smart little baby. It’s only a pity that it’s not for long, because you can always start the game anew.

You can learn to read and write with Masha, jump in a bucket and even stutter after eating if you want. Yes, and not everyone can keep up with the Bear or any of the other former circus performers from his entourage. In general, it should be clear to all lovers of fairy tales in the modern interpretation that the story of Masha and the Bear has just begun, she has no end in sight. Games Masha and the Bear also continue to be released almost every month. And this means that we all will meet them more than once in cartoons, numerous games, hear the good old tales told by Masha, and find out what else a modern civilized bear can be capable of.