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Игры Марио картинка

                                   In the world of the production of computer games, this is customary: every self-respecting reputable company has its own mascot. For Nintendo, the plumber was Mario, who, during the course of his existence, sat down to change several professions, he was a carpenter, a waiter, and even a doctor and athlete. Yes, at the very beginning, this cheerful Italian macho did not even have a name, everyone called him the affectionate nickname Jumper. But today almost everyone knows about Mario. After all, few people managed to perpetuate themselves by falling into the avenue of wax figures in Hollywood, and our virtual plumber did it. Free online Mario games will appeal not only to children, but also to adults.

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Неимоверные приключения водопроводчика

Only video games with his participation Mario sold more than 210 million units in the world. That is why the fact that Mario in company with his younger brother Luigi appears on the screen, moreover, with enviable constancy, is not at all surprising. By the way, the appearance of the Mario brothers in the first of the films also became enchanting: for the film about the adventures of the cheerful brothers, there was a place in the Guinness Book of Records, as for the first film based on video games. For a quarter century, there is an animated series about the adventures of famous plumbers. Mario’s games also continue to be released and become more and more interesting every year.

Игры Марио

The last of the feature films with the participation of famous brothers was released quite recently, in 2014. These beauties are so popular that they can easily be found in company with other well-known characters. If Sonic is the talisman of a rival computer games corporation, which in itself may already serve as a weighty occasion for a meeting, then in the company of the three heroes Mario few expected to meet. And although the heroes and Mario have somewhat different ideas about how to achieve victory, they have one goal - to free the beautiful princess.

The Mario Brothers: a closer acquaintance

So, the eldest of the brothers is really called Mario. The youngest is Luigi, but it so happened that this inseparable couple is everywhere called the Mario Brothers, however, there is nothing to be offended by the optimistic Luigi in this situation: he is valued, respected, recognized everywhere as well as his older brother. Mario is the eldest of the plumber brothers. A short-haired blue-eyed brown-haired man with a colorful mustache in blue overalls and a red cap with the capital letter M, with which his name begins. This Italo-American understands not only water pipes and toilets. He is energetic, resourceful and courageous, which gives him the opportunity to show the best of human qualities when communicating with others.

His communication with Princess Peach, which from time to time has to be rescued from the clutches of an ugly and vile Bowser, is very easy and unconstrained. . It can be seen that Mario is a gourmet or, at least, not indifferent to tasty food man. And he prefers it is Italian cuisine, although he has lived for quite a long time in the Mushroom Kingdom, where the main events of numerous games, as well as feature films and animated films, unfold. With a plunger and a wrench in his hands, Mario is capable of much. Games about Mario allow you to plunge into the adventures of this plumber with your head!

Игры Марио

No one has ever seen him discouraged. He likes to work as a plumber, and tunnels from endless pipes for him are not only a place of work, but also expensive to the magical world, of which the Mushroom Kingdom is a part. Luigi is the youngest of the brothers. A little taller than his brother. You can’t call him timid, but still, against the background of Mario, it may seem that he is slightly cowardly. Most likely, this is not so, just Luigi was used to taking everything into doubt at least for a little while and playing it safe a bit.

He constantly accompanies the main character in his travels. None of the games for two players could do without his participation. He loves his brother very much and appreciates his opinion, at the same time he has his own outlook on things and many of the events. All this absolutely does not prevent to find compromises and general solutions, especially when it comes to the intrigues of the King of the Coop and other tortoise-like villains. Super Mario games most often tell about the adventures of two brothers.

The Mushroom Kingdom and its inhabitants

It turns out that through water pipes you can get anywhere, even in the fairy-tale Mushroom world, located in a magical measurement. It was during the repair work that the Mario brothers found themselves for the first time in the Mushroom Kingdom, and immediately realized that they needed their help. This is how a faulty sewer laid the foundation for extraordinary adventures. So, the mushroom world is unusually interesting, if different countries exist in our reality, then there are several kingdoms, one of which, Mushroom, is controlled by Princess Peach Toadstool.

By the way, this world is inhabited by peace-loving mushroom-like creatures, which are called Toads. Peach is a very kind and fair ruler, she is selfless and generous. In addition to all her virtues, she is also attractive. This green-eyed beauty with a shock of flowing golden hair and an elegant crown on her head prefers pink.

Saving the princess is a matter of honor

Nationals love their princess very much. This fact annoys a lot of the evil Bowser, who is trying all the time to harm the beautiful Peach with all that is possible. The reasons for the abduction are more than enough. The fact is that only Peach can stop King Kupu and neutralize his ability to black magic, although she herself does not know exactly how. Here Kupa and freaks out. He systematically abducts the green-eyed beauty, sometimes in order to confess her love, sometimes in order to seize power in the Mushroom Kingdom. In general, this villain, reminiscent of a mixture of a turtle and a dragon, finds a lot of reasons.

Well, the brothers have no choice but to make another raid and organize the rescue of beautiful Peach. Mario games will allow you to save princesses more than a dozen times! By the way, when the good-natured princess after another salvation begins to clarify what she can do for her saviors, she often hears a listing of the names of all goodies that an ignorant person could easily take for a menu from an expensive Italian restaurant. These are the modest plumbers The Mario Brothers, who are unmistakably recognized by computer game lovers and appreciated by animation lovers.