Games of Madagascar

Игры Мадагаскар картинка

When the word "Madagascar" is pronounced nearby, the first association does not arise with the island in the Indian Ocean, known since ancient times and glorified at one time by many pirates and travelers. Many lovers of cartoons and computer games immediately recall a cheerful company of freedom-loving penguins, and other animals that once lived in a New York zoo. Madagascar 2 games are based on the second part of the cartoon and are considered the most interesting.

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Свободолюбивые искатели приключений

Cheerful adventures of animals from Madagascar led to the fact that almost simultaneously with the cartoons a lot of interesting diverse computer games appeared with the participation of these characters. Colorful coloring books and puzzles, all kinds of adventure games and shooting games about Madagascar are equally interesting for both boys and girls. There are games for both kids and an adult target audience. We invite you to get to know the heroes of these colorful and fun computer arcades.

Игры Мадагаскар

Deciding to escape from the zoo, Marty's zebra informed his friends, the lion Alex, the hippo Gloria and the giraffe Melman, who, being more prudent, wanted to stop their a desperate friend. They wanted it better, but it turned out as always. In general, they were caught, brought back, and in order to prevent attempts to escape, they decided to send them to Kenya by ship. But animals did not get to Kenya. Once on the island of Madagascar, they did not even immediately realize that there was wildlife and that it needed to survive. Playing games on our portal, you will participate in events from this story, as well as in events that happened to the characters in new parts and spin-offs for the cartoon.