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Игры Лунтик картинка

                                   Well, try to guess who it is? A chubby eternally smiling pinkish-lilac fluffy with eyes, buttons and stirring ears, somewhat reminiscent of bee wings. This animal itself considers itself a moon bee, however, it does not look much like an ordinary bee. Having fallen to the Earth from the Moon, this baby did not even have a name, but he had a kind heart, a love of knowledge and was someone very well brought up in our earthly understanding. Luntik games that can be played online and for free on our portal will give children a lot of joy and fun!

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Самый милый пришелец на свете

That’s why he didn’t exist long without a name, the friends who appeared with him from the first days of his appearance in a forest glade called him Luntik. The first acquaintance of young spectators with this fluffy funny animal occurred on September 1, 2006, it was then that the kids and their parents first met the charismatic Luntik and other inhabitants of the forest glade. A lot of time has passed from this moment.

Today, work is underway to create the 8th season of cartoons. Initially, the animators had the task to create a fun and kind cognitive cartoon, and they coped with it perfectly. Today, the animated series has more than 430 series, and this is not counting the large number of computer games with the participation of Luntik and his friends. Luntik games designed for children of all ages not only allow you to have fun

The world in which Luntik lives

About how the cute baby on the Moon lived and whether he has friends there, acquaintances or relatives, the story is silent, but much can be said about life in a forest glade. Glorious, kind, charming and positive in all respects, the baby found refuge among representatives of the bee family. His named grandmother was the hard-working household bee Baba Kapa, ​​who cares not only about raising Luntik, but also that he and his friends are always full.

Игры Лунтик

Craftswoman invents jam and bakes all kinds of sweets, all the time spoils the delicacies of children, if it is sometimes strict, it is solely for educational purposes. The kid was also lucky with the grandfather who was named, they were Baba Kapa's boyfriend General Sher, a retired hornet who, under the influence of a hardworking bee, began to show the ability to housekeeping. He loves Luntik very much, teaches him all sorts of worldly wisdom and tries to protect him from dangers. Very sporty grandfather. It was he who taught Luntik and Kuzyu to do exercises.

Luntik lives with his grandparents in willow. Spider Shnyuk, a good neighbor, weaving a web more likely for beauty, and even for construction and installation purposes, lives right next door. True, his appearance is overtaken by fear, but it quickly passes. Shnyuk eats exclusively nectar. At the very beginning of the series, he was somewhat aggressive, but then he became kind and sweet, as you know, maybe it was the influence of the simple-minded modest Luntik and his friends and communication with them that made the old spider become kinder. The spider loves to play games and solve puzzles.

Relationships with friends

A modest little who does not understand the intricacies of earthly life of a kid, endowed with an inquisitive mind and unlimited thirst for knowledge, has many friends around him. A kind and naive kid who takes literally every word spoken to him values ​​his friends very much, their opinion and, of course, to learn the good both from them and with them. The grasshopper Kuzya, who made friends with Luntik from the first minutes of his acquaintance, is most often a companion in his many adventures, by the way, the kid got his name from him. Among the friends with whom Luntik most often knows the world, there is also the Little Bee, a great clever and diligent student of the bee school, living somewhere in the combs and a ladybug girl named Mila, who sometimes allows herself to be capricious, but not for long, at the right time she is collected and decisive.

Sweet and kind, she knows a lot of all kinds of games and never mind playing them with friends. Luntik had a special relationship with the purple butterfly Elina, the kid openly likes her, by the way, this sympathy is mutual. It was Elina who first told the whole friendly company about ballet and even taught others to dance, showing them a few steps.

Luntik is learning something from each of his friends. At the same time, the baby never draws hasty conclusions and does not put stigmas on anyone, but simply has his own opinion and sometimes double-checks, or rather it will be more accurate to say, clarifies the information received from friends. So a fair and resourceful Kuzya, who has a lot of advantages, is sometimes boastful, does not always immediately recognize his mistakes and is afraid to tell friends about oversights from time to time.

Игры Лунтик

Moreover, he can be considered one of the main young teachers of the lunar kid, Well, the fact that knowledge and explanations are not always enough, so they and children, to ask questions, seek confirmation for the inexplicable and from time to time get into trouble out of ignorance. In the end, they also learn from mistakes. Yes, and everyone is ready to ask for forgiveness for any inconvenience caused to anyone, because if they offended anyone sometime by accident, it is not from evil, but simply out of ignorance or out of recklessness. | ||

Luntik is very upset, accustomed to doing only good deeds, the behavior of Wupsen and Pupsen, skoda caterpillars - twins who naively believe that no one appreciates and loves them. Even in relation to them, our baby is loyal, he believes that in the caterpillars you can find a lot of good, because after all, and in the future they will become beautiful butterflies. Games about Luntik allow you to play not only with the main character of the cartoon, but also with secondary characters.

Luntik always has something to learn

Each cartoon about the adventures of the Luntik, each of the computer games with this kid, instructive and informative. In addition to the fact that children, along with Lunitik and his friends, learn the world, they also learn to communicate not only with peers, but also with adults. The inquisitive mind of the young inhabitants of the green meadow, their desire for knowledge, the desire to learn more about the world around them is laudable. At the same time, one must also take into account that Luntik and his friends are polite, courteous and open to communication, which means that the kids who watch their actions from the side not only watch cartoons, but also study at the same time. Luntik online games further contribute to the development of children and help them learn a lot of useful things.

And there is someone to learn from. In addition to the adoptive grandparents, the inquisitive baby happily communicates with the most erudite earthworm in the world, the jack of all trades Korney Korneevich. The kid also enjoys conversations with an intelligent intelligent tortoise, a fan of arranging balls for Aunt Motey and many other representatives of the ecosystem. By the way, in order to chat with the inhabitants of the pond, Luntik easily falls under water, as it has the ability to breathe freely under water. Luntik is a true loyal friend, he is never bored with him. And if your kids have not yet had the opportunity to get acquainted with this charming alien, then it's time to do it.