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Игры Самолеты картинка

                                   Well, is there at least one boy in the world who did not dream in childhood that when he grows up he will become a pilot of an airplane? Of course, everyone dreamed about it, someone wanted to carry passengers, someone wanted to launch missile attacks on terrorists, and someone wanted to fly into space! And now it has become possible, thanks to the huge number of flash games, you get an excellent opportunity to fight criminals and peacefully transport passengers and even fly into space, not only in our time, but also in the distant future on a futuristic spaceship. We have collected for you the best aircraft games that you can play for free!

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Развитие игр про самолеты

The first computer games of flying on airplanes appeared in the 80s of the last century and were 2D arcades in which you had to fight a huge number of enemies approaching you to knock down from heaven to earth. In the middle of 90, the first games appeared with a more developed graphic component and more fun gameplay. However, the control of aircraft in most of these games was a secondary task included in the plot of the game along with the control of tanks, cars and other military equipment, so, in fact, had nothing to do with real piloting.

A major change in the development of the gaming industry, aviation simulators were introduced, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the management of various types of air transport, thanks to special joysticks. All simulators are divided into several types: arcade - in which greater importance is given to interesting gameplay, rather than accuracy and complexity of control; realistic - control in which occurs through specialized joysticks, and the control of the aircraft itself is very close to reality; and the latter are professional, practical, fully simulating flight and requiring special skills. Most often, professional flight simulators are installed in flight schools and other similar institutions.


One of the most famous real world simulators that tells about the life of big cities and their inhabitants. It is noteworthy that fictitious names were invented for all cities, districts and streets, so that players did not transfer virtual events to the real world. Starting with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, the game has the opportunity to fly on airplanes of various types, ranging from passenger airliners and ending with maize irrigating fields. With each new GTA series, the number of new models has increased, so even the most real fighters are planned to be introduced in GTA 5.

Battlefield 3

One of the most famous online first-person shooters that allows you to fight with rivals both in long-range combat, using pistols, rifles, machine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers and other types of long-range weapons, and with the help of military equipment - cars, tanks, planes and helicopters. In total, the game has several types of fighters capable of firing aimed at both air and ground targets, as well as launching homing missiles. As for the realism of the gameplay, it is for the better different from what we saw in the GTA.


Released recently, but has already gained immense popularity and many fans from around the world , an online simulator that tells about air battles during the Second World War. The player can buy various planes for himself and upgrade them, changing the appearance and technical specifications.

Игры самолеты

Screenshot from War Thunder, by Gaijin Entertainment.

It is noteworthy that all battles take place exclusively on planes (although the developers promise that they will soon add an army and navy, which, for now, are controlled by a computer), so the gameplay was tailored precisely for such control, and you have the opportunity, in addition to the keyboard, to control the unit using a joystick or a special gamepad. || | 814

На каких самолетах будем летать

Modern games about airplanes read dozens or even hundreds of aircraft models. In the games of the GTA series, you can fly on supersonic fighters, passenger liners, private VIP carriers and even screw planes designed to spray fertilizers and chemicals that repel dangerous pests over the field.

Игры про самолеты

Screenshot from War Thunder by Gaijin Entertainment .

True differences in flight on all types of aircraft will be minimal. The most important difference will be visualization, because flying on a huge passenger liner and a small collective farm “tractor with a motor” is not the same thing. But in the simulators you will find even more aircraft models and for each of them you will need to adjust the controls.