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                                   Man has long sought to fly, even ancient people tied homemade wings to themselves and threw themselves off the rocks in the hope that they could take off, but most attempts were in vain and people died flying after only a few seconds. Today, there are so many ways to fly in the air - these are airplanes, and helicopters, as well as gliders, parachutes, balloons, airships, paragliders and other passenger vehicles. But what if you want to not just fly, but also control the aircraft? Flash games are suitable for you, where you can control a variety of air vehicles! Fly parachutes and planes, completing tasks!

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Основные разделы игр

All flying games are divided into several categories, let's find out more about them.

Racing is the most popular category. In recent years, a lot of races have been released on airplanes, helicopters, rockets, spaceships and even flying saucers. You will be expected as ordinary races in which all that is required of you is to competently dodge obstacles and shooters, where in addition to overcoming your opponent, there will be a need to hide from machine-gun fire or laser shots, make sure that you didn’t get hit by a bomb and try to collect as many bonuses as possible, allowing you to increase the speed of the spacecraft, strengthen its armor or restore life.

Such games delays gamers for a long time and allows you to completely immerse yourself in the online universe. In our opinion, the most interesting online flyer went to the PSP consoles. In it, you controlled one of the spaceships that fought with rivals using laser guns, bombs and other weapons.

Игра леталка

Screenshot from World of Warplanes,

Arcades are the second most popular flying genre. Such games have 2D or 3D graphics, but there are also full 3D arcades. Control a plane, a helicopter or a flying spaceship in front of which enemies and obstacles will appear. Dodge meteorites and other space debris! Destroy enemies with laser weapons, plasma cannons, machine guns and missiles received as bonuses during the passage of levels. After passing a new level, there are bosses, which significantly dilutes the gameplay with new emotions and the search for new tactics of warfare. The first arcades appeared back in 1990, so now you can find many ports of old games that you can play online directly on our website.

Less popular genres

The third genre of flying games is Games designed to test your air vehicle driving skills. Overcome obstacles, labyrinths, fly through rings and pop balloons. Skill games are designed to train your reaction, so they found their audience and are very popular. So if you want to learn the basics of controlling air vehicles, choose this type of toy! If you want to play flying games online, then this is the most interesting and demanded category.

Игры леталки

Screenshot from World of Warplanes, company

Air simulators - this genre of flash games, giving you the opportunity to visit the cockpit of an airplane, helicopter or spaceship that has flown to you from the distant future. First, lift your dish into the air, and then bring it and put it at its destination without damaging or making your passengers frightened. The simulators are designed not for small boys and girls, but for older children from the age of 14.

The most famous military online simulators are World of Warplanes and War Thunder, where you will fly on immense maps, fighting each other friend and completing missions to destroy trains, tanks and enemy bases. There are two battle modes - all against everyone and team against team. Military flight simulators are distinguished by good graphics and the ability to use a joystick that completely simulates the helm of an airplane.

Flying games include this type of game where you jump from an airplane and try to land correctly at a specified point on the map, using only a parachute and trying to control air flow. There are other types of skydiving: for example, speed or overcoming obstacles.

Why is it useful for children to play flying

For general development, it is very important for children to give developmental tasks, coloring and, recently, computer games. Of course, you need to select good walkers that aren’t full of blood and murders, collect items and fly on planes for young children.

After all, they allow you to develop a child’s reaction, show him something new and unusual, and also become real a pilot, which many boys and girls 4-10 years old dream of.

Flying games for boys are not just fun, but something more that parents who have already left childhood can not understand. So you should not forbid them to fight with members of their clan, but you should not allow them to sit for fierce battles for days.