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Игры Лего картинка

                                   Many are familiar with Lego. It is he who becomes for most the first toy that can be modeled. Now, fans of this pastime have the opportunity to try out lego games and make sure that you can design something in the virtual world. In addition to this opportunity, you are waiting for the exciting adventures of the revived Legovy heroes who build cities, protect the world from evil, or simply compete in dexterity and skill. There are a lot of interesting offers, which one to choose, each one determines independently.

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Этот увлекательный мир Лего

The world of Lego is diverse and interesting. Everyone will find something to his liking in him. Someone more like to build modern cities or build castles with a lot of fortifications, and then protect them from uninvited guests. Others will prefer Lego racing, participation in which will bring a lot of joy, and still others will prefer games in which you will need to stand guard over the world with a team of brave Lego Ninja Go.

Игры Лего

Unambiguously, only one thing can be said - there will definitely not be anyone indifferent.
The diverse legos of the game are all as one colorful and beautifully drawn. Once you start playing Lego, stopping just won't work. Puzzles and coloring, logic puzzles and the ability to simulate, rpg and platform games for every taste. Lego games can be played by everyone, from small to large. There is fun for everyone here. It’s very convenient that there simply cannot be a lack of details in the virtual world.

Here you can assemble a car after a car and don’t worry about having to leave any car left unfinished. The same goes for city building. You can start building a city, but you can’t wait for the completion of such construction, and in a good sense of the word. After all, any idea that came to mind in Lego games can be immediately implemented.


You can drive here with absolutely everything. Anyone can become a participant in the race. True vehicles only partially resemble modern cars, SUVs and other vehicles, because they are assembled from a designer. You can also choose any place to arrange races, and if for some reason it is not enough, you can even build a track of any difficulty, there would be a desire.

Bicycles and scooters, all kinds of cars, even a trolley may be needed as a vehicle in games of a similar plan. For those who have little space on earth, you can organize competitions in the air, using helicopters or airplanes, sea regattas in the comprehensive world of Lego, too, has not been canceled. Another type of race is connected with the conquest of outer space, but this is for those who dream of meeting with extraterrestrial civilizations and of intergalactic flights.

Lego City

Here they are - cities of dreams. When designing them, you can experiment endlessly. A modern metropolis with a developed infrastructure or a medieval city with many shady streets leading to castles and palaces, full of splendor. Cities of antiquity, approaches to which are reliably protected by cunning designs and structures. Only in Lego city can all this become a reality. At the same time, there is no shortage of building materials in the amount of building material. So, by and large, everything is limited only by the choice of an object and a flight of fantasy.

Игры Лего

Such cities are not built in games for fun, but in order to make them feel cozy and comfortable. In the Lego world, each of the cities lives its own life. The plots of many interesting games are proof of this. Here you can have fun in the recreation area, try to get to the airport or to any other destination, visit museums and exhibitions and do many more interesting things.

What exactly to be during the game, a respectable city dweller or a violator of generally accepted norms of behavior, everyone also decides for himself. But remember, law enforcement officers in these games are not asleep, and if you decide to drive the night streets of a modern city at a frantic speed in a modern city or steal some relic in an ancient castle, then you need to be ready for a race to survive. In some games, on the contrary, you will have to do everything to protect the city and prevent the enemy from getting inside.

Ninja Go

Do not be surprised, a series of colorful games in the Lego world is dedicated to the ninja. The team of unsurpassed Masters of Spinjitsu, led by a sensei named Wu, is always on guard. Cohen, Kai, Banzai, Zane and Niya are all invincible together. They are able to protect the world from any manifestations of evil. Fearlessly, this team comes to grips with the enemy, which is many times larger than the ninja themselves.

The brave ninja is not afraid of fighting a dragon or representatives of enemy clans. Very often in such games you can not only choose which hero to control, but also get some knowledge along the way. Indeed, before the start of the battle, Sensei Wu gives instructions to his wards and teaches under any circumstances to observe the code of honor. It offers the best lego games. Hurry to find yours among them, and never forget that all the best games are yet to come.