Games Lady Bug and Super Cat

Игры Леди Баг и Супер Кот картинка

                                   The life of modern adolescents is full of adventures and surprises. This will help Lady Bug and Super Cat games for girls. Parisian schoolchildren save the world, love and hate, manage to study well and participate in various activities. Surprisingly, young people who have turned into superheroes and act as a single team do not even realize that they are studying in the same class. Help young Frenchmen save Paris and find each other.

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С чего все началось

In the beginning there was a cartoon, or rather a large-scale project of French and Korean animators, which turned out to be so successful that it won the recognition of young people around the world in a matter of months. The incredible adventures of the charming young Frenchwoman Marinette and the successful young man Adrian immediately became the subject of computer development. They are no less interested in new games about Lady Bug and Super Cat, and maybe even more than in the next series of their favorite animated series.

Игры Леди Баг и Супер Кот

They have everything: mysticism, love, friendship, reincarnation and Paris. This was the reason for creating games of various genres with the participation of cartoon characters. Quests, rpg games, changing rooms, platformers and mahjongs are very exciting, partly because they are closely connected with the history of the sweet couple.

Lady Bug, Super Cat and others

To play it was more interesting to meet with the main characters and the world in which they live closer.

  • Marinette - an student of the Academy, Francois Dupont, an activist, has leadership qualities. In love with her classmate Adrian, but carefully hides it. With the help of a stone of miracles located in earrings it can turn into a charming Lady Bag.
  • Adrian is a handsome, comprehensively developed young man who manages to learn and act in commercials. We love girls, but they pay little attention to them, since his heart is subdued by Lady Bug, who does not reciprocate. His stone of miracles is in the ring. During the reincarnation, the young man turns into a Super Cat.
  • Brazhnik is a villain trying at all costs to get the talismans located at Marinette and Adrian. It is not without reason that he believes that with their help he will be able to fulfill any of his desires. Manipulates people and uses their weaknesses to achieve their low goals. Has its own talisman - a brooch.
  • Kwami - creatures that live in talismans and allow the elect to use superpower. Lady Bug is a tiny ladybug, Super Cat has a tiny black kitten, Brazhnik has a moth.

All these and many other characters can be found during the game Lady Bug and Super Cat that I liked. In some proposals, heroes attend social events, take part in youth parties or competitions, in others they save the world together. They go to boutiques, are interested in fashion, are versed in art, and all this is reflected in numerous games.

Kisses for lovers of happy endings

An unusual situation in which each of the lovers suffers when the absence of any reason for this makes the games with the participation of young French about kisses especially interesting. And all because the game is the place where events can be modeled. Here, Super Cat succeeds in kissing Lady Bug, the virtual world through the efforts of the players is not so cruel.

Игры Леди Баг и Супер Кот

Among the many offers you can find free online games about Lady Bug and Super Cat for every taste. Among them are exciting projects for two players. Each of the games is attractive in its own way, while they are all optimistic and have the ability to attract attention.

The adventures of the Super Cat and Lady Bug continue, new faces with new super features appear in the animated series. This means that all of us are still waiting for a lot of offers with the participation of the charming Lady Bug and the confident Super Cat. Follow the news, do not miss interesting offers.