Doll Games LOL

Игры Куклы ЛОЛ картинка

Most of the online games collected here are popular among girls drafts and dress up. Here you have to choose clothes and accessories for your ward. You can dress them in accordance with the original look or show imagination and create a unique version of clothing. LOL doll games are a great way to get acquainted with the entire collection of big-eyed toys, especially if you want to collect it completely. To play these arcades, you will not need a good reaction or strain of mind - just a sense of taste and love for LOL dolls.

Real LOL dolls are sold as a ball with a surprise, which, if you take apart it, you will find not only a toy but also accessories to it. Opening such a package can be a real test: the creators often come up with rebuses and puzzles for special series that cannot be solved without a special magnifying glass. The complete collection of big-eyed toys contains more than 200 figures, each of which belongs to its own club of interests. There are rockers, scientists, artists, singers, athletes and many others. But the main thing is that you can find all of them in the games collected here.

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