Games Red Ball

Игры Красный шар картинка

                                   Fans of incredible adventures will not be able to remain indifferent when they see a charming creature that looks like a bun and a smiley at the same time. This is how the main character of the game looks like a red ball. This character is never discouraged. He is charismatic and confident. His inquiring mind and heightened curiosity for everything that happens around him do not allow him to sit still. He rolls forward, overcoming the most incredible obstacles on the way.

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Любителям колобка посвящается

Huge eyes and a big smile, these are the distinguishing features of the red ball. This character is not as naive as his ancestor bun. He’s not going to sing a song to anyone, but to stand up for himself is always welcome. The place of birth of our hero is strikingly different from the Russian stove, and he did not have a saucer with a blue border. But there was a round kingdom. It was from there that his journey began.

Игры Красный шар

If you decided that the absence of the Red Ball representatives of the animal tribe in the game makes the life of a round charismatic character easy and simple, you were mistaken. The most sworn enemies for the red ball are cubes. These gray monsters decided to enslave a tribe of balls. That is why they are always and everywhere trying to ruin a round ball, trap it or even destroy it. During the game, you will always have to be smart to destroy the plans of evil cubes and prevent them from destroying the ball.
By the way, in some of the games the ball is not red at all, but pink. In addition, with a charming bow on its side. But this does not change the essence of the game. Obstacles do not become smaller, and gray cubes do not care who exactly sticks the wheels in.

What is the red ball looking for

It simply does not work to sit in one place with the round eye. During the game, the red ball is constantly in motion. Sometimes he has to dive, jump, soar in the air or just dodge obstacles. Lumps of stone fly at him, all rubbish is pouring. Traps arise out of nowhere. And yet our round hero manages to get around them. Be careful and attentive. In some sentences, our hero does not know how to swim. But to find out in advance will not work. In such a situation, you just have to go through the level again.

Играть в Красный шар

According to legend, our baby is saving his kingdom. His goal is to neutralize the cubes and prevent them from enslaving their brothers. When playing on the side of a charming crumbs, remember that the life of a whole nation depends on your well-coordinated actions. Go from level to level, from obstacle to obstacle and never forget about it.

Game The Red Ball is built on the model of assessing the passage of the level. The score depends on how many points you score, so it is important to collect all kinds of bonuses. Sometimes in order to pass the level it is not enough to get to the exit. Players must collect some items completely.

If the enemy is close

You can find a way out of any situation. Do not forget to use the teleport during the game. This is a sure way to get away from the pursuit of the enemy. Cunning and ingenuity will also help. There are quite a lot of potholes and bumps on the way of the red ball; there are also traps with stakes. During the game, it is very important to outwit the enemy, trap him and use the flat surface of the cube to get further. But be careful, some dice can bite. Before stepping somewhere, you need to carefully look at your feet.

You will never get tired of playing the red ball online. If you do not believe, then hurry to try. Such a pastime will appeal to many. A cheerful kid is able to cause emotion, cheer up and charge with positive.