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Игры Космос картинка

Boundless and such a distant space excites the minds of more than one generation. From ancient times, people wanted to know what is hidden in the starry sky, someone lives there and whether it is worth exploring this place. Space games, of course, will not give you such an experience, but they will help to open the veil of secrecy and understand how the universe works.

The section is dominated by games from the Star Wars series, there are still shooters in interstellar space, flying games, rpg games alien planets, spacecraft races and rocket launch simulators. Online games are not always serious. Often these are just comic arcades about toons or some famous characters may well end up in space. Snail Bob has been there several times, Homeless Hobo in 2011 also turned out of the earth. We also advise you to play arcade games with Shaun the Lamb, which fell into space by absurd chance.

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