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Игры Когама картинка

                                   Gamers of all ages are of great interest to the games of Kogam, which pose a huge sandbox with a huge potential opportunities. Not every game is allowed to travel according to a personal scenario, but here it is in the order of things. The whole world is at your disposal! What will you do?

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Что особенного в мире Когама

Exciting adventures are only part of what players will have to face. The environment and appearance of the characters themselves seem not quite familiar at first glance. Everything here has geometric shapes. You need to get used to square trees and shrubs, as well as angular heroes. By the way, in the fact that in the game world everything looks just like that, there is its own logic.

Игры Когама

Often you have to create here. Moreover, the matter is not limited to the banal construction of a building or planting a tree. On the cubes here you can create not only cards for passing the game, but also the heroes themselves. The creation of clones is not uncommon in Kogama. This is a great way to confuse the enemy or complete the mission faster.

Variety and variety once again

Among the offers you can find Kogam’s games of different genres: from rpg or shooter games to horror stories with quests and racing to survival. By the way, quests and other mini-games here can not only be composed independently, but also launched into an independent life. True, this is a privilege only for registered gamers in the multi-player version of the game. Then you can be proud even that someone else goes through the routes you invented.

Игры Когама

But there are more than enough teleports in games from the world of Kogam. You can meet them during the escape from prison or at school, among the skyscrapers of a big city and in the desert. It will not work in advance to predict exactly where the gamer will move; everything will have to be decided on the go. Even from the school locker room here you can go in pursuit of villains. By the way, no one canceled the shootings within the walls of the educational institution.

Playing together is more fun

Diverse games from the Kogama series are not always designed for one gamer. If desired, you can play together on the same computer. An alternative to arrows and a mouse, with which you can eliminate major obstacles along the way, will be a very common WASD key combination and a space with MKO.

You should not forget that the sandbox genre, in which most games are developed allows you to show irrepressible imagination. An alternative to traveling through someone invented world here can be your own. New applications appear with enviable constancy. Once you start playing, the Kogama series will quickly and forever become one of your favorites.