Games Kik Butovsky

Игры Кик Бутовский картинка

                                   Which of the boys in childhood did not dream of becoming a stuntman? Many dreamed, but in reality, not all became stunts. To some extent, the image of Daredevil Kik Butovstky, a well-known author in the world of animation, Sandro Corsaro was inspired by childhood memories. For the first time, this whacky, restless boy appeared at the audience in 2010, and immediately won the hearts of many fans of animated films with his spontaneity. A little later, the first games of Kik Butovsky daredevil appeared, which still continue to delight young gamers.

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Знакомьтесь, Кик Бутовский!

Today, the animated series about the adventures of Daredevil has 52 episodes, each of which consists of two parts. It is always interesting to watch a restless boy who does not think of his existence without extreme sports. At ten years old, he is an extraordinary personality, and, as you know, such people have a very peculiar social circle. Someone shows them their sympathies, while someone, on the contrary, hates them fiercely. In general, next to Kik there is no only boredom and indifference, but for all other human passions there is a place here. Games Kik Butovsky is no less unusual than the cartoon itself, and tells about all kinds of extreme adventures of the protagonist.

Игры Кик Бутовский сорвиголова

Clarence Francis Butovsky (aka Kik) is a ten-year-old boy with a very lively character. Restless, decisive, strong-willed, persistent in achieving the goal. Crazy about extreme and extreme games in all their manifestations. The master of fiction. He does not like to study, but at the same time has a high i-cu and is distinguished by curiosity. Well versed in technology. The average child in the family. He frankly does not get along with his older brother, he does not like very much when he calls him names; relations with the younger sister are more tolerant, although the daredevil does not feel much attachment to her. Likes to play games. Dressed in a white stunt jumpsuit with an original collar, somewhat reminiscent of the shape of a bat’s wings, and red stripes on the sleeves and a helmet of the same color. He is very friendly with Gunther, who is the author of many tricks.

About his environment

  • Gunter Magnuson - a friend, do not spill water. Excessively plump blond 12 years old. Descendant of the Vikings. Slightly cowardly, but this does not prevent him from participating in the creation of tricks. Has a cheerful disposition, always optimistic. If he quarrels sometimes with a young stuntman, then not for long.
  • Bradley Francis Butovsky (aka Brad) is Kick's older brother. Constantly humiliates and insults the younger brother, sometimes, however, it can change anger to mercy, but only for a short time and for the benefit of himself. Calling Kik “shrimp” or “dope” is a common thing for him. Frankly scoffs at the latter when he remains in the house for the elder. It does not shine with intelligence, which allows Daredevil almost always to outwit his brother. Sloppy and ambitious. If there is anything good in him, then it is buried very far. Prevents Kiku in all endeavors with enviable constancy.
  • Brianna Francis Butowski (aka Brie) is Kick's younger sister. Selfish and moody girl. Although she is one year younger than her brother, she is one growth. Participant in beauty contests. Itself gives Kik a lot of trouble, but does it not out of harm, but rather out of harm, while anyone else does not allow Kik to be treated badly. Like many of the girls of her age, obsessed with ponies and unicorns. Likes to participate in active games.
  • Jackie Wackman is Kika's classmate. A person with extraordinary behavior, often manifesting obsession. She does not hide the fact that she is in love with Kik. He is his fan. Gunther's Adoration.
  • Kendall Perkins is the head of the class in which Daredevil studies. It shows sympathy for him, but in every way it hides. In public, he is trying to insert daredevil sticks into the wheels, most likely not even out of harm, but because it is supposed to be so out of office. Her relationship with Kik is not going smoothly. In general, it is difficult to be a pay-girl in love with a talented dunce.

Being extreme is always difficult

Little Kik is extreme in every way. His high i-cue allowed the baby to jump through several classes at once, because all his classmates are much older. Who knows, maybe this can explain the fact that Kiku is frankly bored with them.

But the boy is not bored with the necessary things, or rather ammunition. Many of the items that somehow participate in tricks even have their own affectionate nicknames. The sleds have the sonorous name “Blue Lightning”, the skate has the name “Blue”, and the bike got the name “Saw”. This is how Daredevil trusts and respects inanimate companions of his extreme amusements.

Игры Кик Бутовский сорвиголова

erudition and sociability help a young lover of thrills to communicate on equal terms not only with peers, but also with adults. With his efforts, Gunther’s parents have a lucrative restaurant business, because “Combat Snacks”, which is what their establishment is called, are Kik’s idea. The boy communicates with adult stuntmen and their assistants, as well as with other representatives of extreme sports. So, when talking with a wrestling instructor, Kik suddenly finds out for himself that not only at a young age you can have problems with older brothers. He even helps an accomplished adult man get rid of his fears and complexes.

A desperate daredevil never deliberately inconvenience anyone. It just so turns out: for some reason, not everyone likes extreme sports. The boy also does a lot of good deeds, because if you look, he’s just looking for something else to do. If necessary, it can show its hidden reserves, for example, quickly complete all homework for which there was not enough time for a month. Games Kik Butovsky daredevil - it is always fun and extreme. Racing and racing, water skiing and wrestling, stunt riding on a skateboard or bicycle - all this is in the style of Kik Butovsky. He will not be bored with him, and if for some reason you are still not familiar, then it's time to get to know this gifted mischievous person closer.