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Игры Картун Нетворк картинка

Animated games where roles are played by famous heroes and their enemies from famous cartoons - our beloved kids really like it. Most arcades are developed by the famous multimedia corporation Cartoon Network. Network card games have incredible appeal and realism, children do not watch cartoons, children participate in them, and thanks to such interactivity, the child feels all the vicissitudes and events, living all his adventures with his beloved heroes.

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The animated series from the developer

Our kids will completely immerse themselves in the magical world of the animated series "Adventure Time" online. They will go through and explore the amazing Lands of Ooo, will find new friends, such as the boy Finn and his faithful friend - the dog Jake. Meet with the grouchy villain - the Snow King, who will try to deliver more trouble to the hero. But they will also make new friends who help and prompt during the passage of the games the cardboard of the network is Beautiful Lady Livnerog, Marceline, Princess Bubylgum, Bimo and many others ..

Channel from Cartoon Network

Besides games, Carton Network Corporation has a cartoon channel where children can see their heroes with their own eyes and get to know them better. The channel has been broadcasting in Russia since 2005, until that time it had been distributed only via cable networks without a Russian translation.

Игры картун нетворк

Игра картун нетворк приключения Стивена

Network card games are very diverse. After all, the collection of the channel has more than 100 main characters, and the total number of characters reaches several thousand. There are a lot of kinds of games, from shooters to quests and you can always pick up something interesting for your child.