Games Cardboard Tower

Игры Картонная Башка картинка

The game genre, called Tower Defense or Tower Defense, quickly gained popularity, and now it is difficult to find a gamer who has never encountered such an arcade. The Cardboard Head game for two takes us to a world where funny square-headed characters defend the base, save each other or simply fight for their own survival in a world engulfed in madness. And from all the cracks and corners, zombies, demons and other evil spirits climb on the players.

Contrary to the name, the head of the protagonist is not cardboard at all! After all, it is unlikely that a cardboard can learn how to handle dozens of weapons available over a series of arcades so cleverly. In BoxHead toys, you can not only shoot enemies, but also engage in construction. You can strengthen the shelter to make it harder for opponents to break through, or even mine the approaches to the camp. You can play the arcades from this section alone, or in the company of friends.

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