Cactus McCoy

Кактус МакКой картинка

Wild West, powerless criminals scurrying around, dust, sand and horses. A sort of western in a children's arcade. The McCoy Cactus Games will introduce you to a very interesting character - he is, obviously, a cactus .. His main goal is to catch all the criminals in the world. All lovers of the wild west will enjoy playing platformers!

McCoy was originally the simplest guy living in the desert and working for gangsters. Once he was given the task of finding a treasure - a green stone with spikes, given a map and equipped on the road-way. McCoy found the item in the cave and took it to himself. In order not to lose him, the hero fell asleep with this stone in his hands, but the treasure was not so simple. The stone began to turn it into a green cactus. In the section you will find 3 parts of the game, whether the continuation of the story will be released is unknown. All games have a plot and 15-20 levels to complete.

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