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Игры Холодное Сердце картинка

                                   Disney can make good cartoons. But this time, the company surpassed itself and released something amazing. This cartoon not only broke almost all the records for the collections and earned an Oscar, but also fell in love with so many children around the world. Thanks to these indicators, we have every right to expect the continuation to come out, but for now it hasn’t come out, you can start playing the Frozen Heart online games for girls and boys posted on our portal. We have collected for you only the best rpg, dress up and arcade games with Anna, Elsa, Hans and other famous heroes of this cartoon!

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У кого здесь Холодное сердце?

The Frozen cartoon has become the highest grossing of all Disney animated films, having collected more than a billion dollars in world box office and received a large number of awards. Very many fell in love with its main characters. There is nothing surprising in this, since some of the events of the good old fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen the Snow Queen are taken as the basis. There is a reindeer, a fragment of ice that has penetrated into the heart, and a queen who has secluded herself from people in her ice castle, but with all this, events unfold in a completely different scenario. The present intrigue keeps the viewer in constant tension.

Игры холодное сердце

That's why, seeing the light at the end of 2013, this cartoon managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers from around the world who today are looking forward to the release of the second part. Many movie analysts are sure that they will not have to wait for a long time and it will be released in 2015. In the meantime, the second part has not yet been released, the games Frozen will be a great entertainment for children of any age. Moreover, unlike the cartoon, games come out with noticeable regularity of a few pieces a month. So, as soon as the children complete all the added games, new ones will be waiting for them.

There is a logical explanation for the fact that sisters who lost their parents in childhood do not often play together and are locked up all the time. And only Elsa knows all the motives that led the young princesses to voluntary imprisonment in their own palace. A mystery that no one else should know about, the presence of Elsa's supernatural abilities. Something between a magical gift and a monstrous curse is the ability to cause the snow element. But it’s not always possible to control your feelings and emotions, which means that you can also control ice and snow. Having once wounded the younger sister Anna, for the sake of whom the royal family even had to turn to trolls, the eldest of the princesses intentionally stopped talking with her sister, thus protecting her from accidental troubles.

The terrible consequences of the manifestation of emotions

Хочешь – не хочешь, а собственную коронацию отменить не удавалось никому. Вот он тот день, когда даже городские ворота закрывать не собираются. К тому же еще и торжество во дворце предстоит. И если будущая королева очень сильно переживает и пытается себя во всем сдерживать, то непоседливая юная принцесса Анна наконец-то избавляется от добровольного заточения и отправляется исследовать город. Наивная и простодушная принцесса мало разбирается в людях. Вот почему, едва познакомившись с Хансом — принцем Южных Островов, к тому же тринадцатым, она решает известить свою сестру о том, что собирается соединить с ним свою судьбу. Вот так и происходит завязка Холодного Сердца.

At the time of the coronation, Elsa was doing well, but the news of the upcoming marriage with a barely familiar person took her by surprise. Unable to contain emotions, the young queen turns everything around into blocks of ice and snow. Seeing what she has done, she decides to retire from people so that no one else can do anything wrong. At the same time, the girl does not even suspect that she condemned her own kingdom to eternal winter.

Return summer to Arendel at all costs

Many of the inhabitants of the now snowy kingdom consider Elsa the witch. Brave Anna convinces everyone that everything that happened is an accident and bravely goes in search of the missing sister. On this dangerous journey, she is assisted by ice seller Kristoff, who lives in the forest and is a pupil of trolls, his good friend deer Sven and the revived snowman Olaf, who once created Elsa’s child’s games Anna, who dreams of meeting with the summer. It is noteworthy that almost all the games of the Walker game Frozen are about these heroes, however, in some you can meet other people, as well as creatures from the fairy world. But back to the story.

Traveling to the ice castle is far from easy. Many difficulties and dangers await courageous travelers. As you know, all the accidents are natural. That is why at the meeting of the sisters, Elsa, not wanting to injure her sister for the second time, but now in her heart. Even the trolls, who were already helping Anna when she was still a girl, this time prove to be powerless. Only sincere, all-consuming love can save a girl from imminent death.

That is why Kristoff decides to deliver the dying Anna to the palace as soon as possible, while realizing that he is losing her forever. That's just Anna does not find love and compassion on the part of her chosen one, the fact is that the thirteenth prince in the family has only one way to the throne - a successful marriage. Without a moment's hesitation, Hans leaves Anna to die slowly, and he sets off to deal with the queen, in order to subsequently take possession of the orphan kingdom. But the implementation of the insidious plan is prevented by the snowman Olaf. Ready to sacrifice himself and simply melt, he warms Anna and does not let her die.

Игры холодное сердце

All further events of the Frozen cartoon only confirm the correctness of the trolls. Comprehensive, all-consuming love can work miracles. And such a miracle really happens. Everyone gets what they deserve, and to those whose deeds were good, and their bold deeds, everything returns with the toric. Even Olof, who dreamed of seeing the summer, now has his own cloud, large enough to protect the baby from the rays of the scorching summer sun.

Very successfully Anna formulates her thoughts, saying goodbye to her ex-fiancé and sending him to cool, he alone is the owner of a cold heart in this magical story. Let's hope that the future life of the heroes so beloved by all will be full of interesting and spectacular adventures. And to everyone who has not had time to watch the fascinating and instructive story about Frozen, we advise you to do it as quickly as possible.

Well, after you watch the movie, you can start playing Frozen games, especially it can be done online and for free! Games on this full-length animated film have been released a lot. Moreover, we placed on this page both official games and those that are made by enthusiasts!