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Игры Халк картинка

                                   Many of the superheroes begin their careers with comics. The hulk is no exception in this regard. For the first time they heard about him back in 1962. Since then, this green thug has never left his fans for a long time. Often he appeared in animated films and feature films and series, and a little later he became the hero of many computer games. Today, with the participation of this superhero, there are different games, in them he often fights with monsters or villains, defends the objects entrusted to him, famously goes into battle with an opponent exceeding him in number. Hulk online games do not have the best graphics, but are often very entertaining.

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Самое интересное из жизни Халка

The Hulk is a good hero and is fighting dangerous monsters, but it also happens that the Hulk himself tries to hide from representatives of the authorities and law enforcers. Given the fact that this hero has remarkable strength, it is not so easy to deal with him. It is a bunch of energy and not always controlled. In order to understand what certain, sometimes unpredictable, actions that he performs depend on, you should get to know this hero better.

Игры Халк

So, first there was a scientist. His name was not the Hulk at all, but Bruce Banner, and he worked on the creation of the gamma bomb. A talented, ambitious and unbalanced physicist was the owner of a colossal intellect and was the luminary of science. A commonplace accident during the next experiment led to unpredictable consequences. Gamma-bomb explosion, radiation and transformation. That is how this mutant appeared, endowed with remarkable strength and superhuman endurance. And what’s more interesting is the nature of the reincarnations.

For the first time, Bruce turned into a Hulk within the walls of the hospital, where he was taken after receiving a huge dose of radiation. Turning into a huge monster in the middle of the night, he simply escaped, breaking through the wall. At the beginning, the mechanism of transition from one state to another depended on the change of day and night, a little later for the transformation the scientist needed a manifestation of violent emotions. The Hulk itself can be considered as if the dark side of the physicist. A monster who is angry is strong and scary. The flow of energy that cannot be stopped. This is what he is known in the world of cinema and computer games about the Hulk.


Together with a huge dose of radiation, the superhero received a number of unique abilities. The hulk is practically invulnerable. During the battle with the enemy, he enrages, which in turn feeds him with energy. So it turns out that the Hulk is becoming more aggressive with every minute, although any other in his place would simply begin to get tired both physically and mentally. By the way, among other things, he has excellent regeneration, he recovers quickly, which may serve as a reason to consider the superhero invulnerable. Even magical blows are not afraid of his body.

In addition, this thug also feels excellent in the water, he knows how to breathe under water like fish. Jumping a hundred miles is also not a problem for him, so everyone who wants to test themselves in games involving this hero will be very interested in managing such a character. Hulk games are very diverse arcades and fights, especially because of the universality of their protagonist.

Игры Халк

In almost all games, the superhero's abilities are revealed one way or another. Violent rage, flashes of which for the green thug are more likely the norm of behavior than an exception to the rule, are its most basic feature. Non-standard behavior and mood swings very often lead to the fact that from doing good, he turns into a monster, destroying everything in its path. Such attacks of aggression lead to the fact that not only the Hulk, but also Bruce Banner often turn out to be not entirely acceptable to the authorities and law enforcement officers.

Without control of himself, the Hulk sometimes goes over to the side of evil, but at any time this can change dramatically. He had to participate in fights along with other superheroes. Due to mood swings, his stay on the planet Sakaar is also connected, where at first the Hulk became a gladiator, and soon after that ruler. How long skillfully, and even with such unmeasured power and excellent intelligence.
All this is excellently beaten in dozens, or maybe even hundreds of games with the participation of an invincible green monster.

About computer games

Colorful action games and platformers with amazing mechanics and sophisticated physics, all kinds of puzzles, various puzzles in which not only the Hulk, but also other superheroes often take part. This is where any player to show all their skills and abilities. The main action in many of these games is colorful, well-set fights.

Bright battles leave no one indifferent, moreover, the Hulk is inventive and resourceful, agile and courageous, and with all this furious and unstoppable. In such games, gamers cannot do without skills. There are games for two here, there are also quite a lot of them, since you can fight the army on your own, or in company with some other superhero. The Hulk does not need anyone else’s help, but to defend a just cause in the company is still more fun, especially within the game.

Game Hulk - about the most intellectually developed monster in the world will not leave anyone indifferent, they are interesting not less, and sometimes even more than films and cartoons with his participation, because here, among other things, you can also adjust the script at your own discretion or start the game again in case of failure. Meeting with a superhero is just around the corner, hurry up, interesting games have been waiting for you for a long time.