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                                   If you dream of unlimited freedom and want to make all your dreams come true, are you going to fly a helicopter and just drive a car? Then online GTA games are made especially for you! Of course, in the current versions, for the computer and consoles on our website you can’t play, but we have found something not much less interesting for you. We have collected the most interesting arcades and shooters, which are either very similar or are flash versions of the famous series. Free GTA games online, which you can play on our website, are suitable for all those who are too lazy to download huge files with original versions, as well as those who are sitting at weak computers.

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История создания

The Scottish company DMA Design (later Rockstar North), led by the famous developer and creative author of the first GTA game - Dave Jones, made a loud statement about herself in 1997. Releasing your first masterpiece - Grand Theft Auto (Big car theft). Starting this year, success has been a constant companion to all subsequent computer sequels. Three years were spent on creating the first world bestseller. After it was released, there was a stunning resonance. Someone really liked the new concept of the game, someone did not share the enthusiasm of other inveterate gamers. But success lies in this - there were no indifferents, and could not be.

Игры ГТА

Screenshot from Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games company.

Fans were looking forward to continuing with their beloved GTA and its improvements. Their thirst was quenched by subsequent 5 versions. In total, there are 5 full-fledged projects, the final of which came out in 2013 under the name Grand Theft Auto V. You can also find many official add-ons on sale, and fans of the series released thousands of their modifications, adding weapons, clothes, new cars and even entire cities.

Computer games GTA

  • Grand Theft Auto - this is the very first game in the series, released in 1997. The view of what was happening in it was from above, and the graphics slightly surpassed their time in terms of texture detail. The most unusual feature of the first part, which distinguished it from other games of that time, was unlimited freedom. After loading, gamers immediately fell into a huge metropolis, in which they could do whatever they wanted. The passage was a set of experience points, with which you could go to the next level.
  • Grand Theft Auto 2 - continued, the action in which, unlike other versions, takes place in 2013. It was released in 1999, and thanks to the success of the first GTA, it quickly became a hit. Graphics received significant changes, but everything also remained in 2d.
  • GTA 3 - the first part released in full 3D and already similar to modern ones. I received very serious changes in the graphics, as well as an interesting story company.
  • Vice City - the graphics have not changed much compared to the previous version, but the interface has become much more convenient, and the missions are even more interesting and exciting. The city has also changed, as well as the opportunity, in addition to the plot, to take separate, non-related missions.
  • San Andreas is one of the most popular parts of the GTA. A lot of various improvements and additions appeared here. The world map became much larger, the character learned to swim, and also became able to change clothes, pump muscles and make tattoos. Freedom has become even greater, and mini-games have also appeared.
  • GTA IV - the main advantage is the graphics. It has undergone major changes, so serious that the virtual world has become very much like the real one.
  • GTA V is a recently released version. Now, instead of one main character, there are three of them, and you can control them in parallel in real time. The world has become even more realistic and similar to the real one, and freedom has become even more.
  • GTA game online - in the previous parts there was a multiplayer mode, however it was here that it was singled out in a separate part.

Составные части единой концепции

What unites all games from the GTA series? The first thing that comes to mind is freedom and criminals. It is these components that have become the key to its success. The player has the right to choose which level to pass and in which part of the city to pass the task. And to be in the role of a citizen who does not care about laws and regulations, who does not dream about it, even in the virtual world. The essence of each of them is to turn from the “six” into a venerable criminal. This is quite difficult to achieve.

Игра ГТА 4

Screenshot from Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar Games company.

You need to go through quests, and at the same time skillfully drive a stolen car, which is often chased by the police. Or even a helicopter, ambulance, boats and other means of transportation. All this is diluted with good music, selected in the style of the particular year in which these gang fights take place.

Gameplay and game mechanics

Repeatedly expressed disapproval of the convenience and speed of controlling the protagonist and those stolen by him cars. But, despite all the drawbacks of the graphics and some difficulties in managing, they all had, and still have, a bewitching effect. From the first minutes you no longer belong to yourself; you are completely absorbed by the illusory world of the artfully recreated city and its unique vibrant atmosphere. Great scoring has become an integral part of games. True, she appeared only from the third part. Before it, mostly developers used the usual text at the bottom of the screen. The main attractive moment for perception is precisely the location and movement of other characters and participants of these dashing cities, independent of you. By the way, when you play GTA online on this page, you can also immerse yourself in this atmosphere.


The script is mainly based on the principle: beat everyone and become the coolest guy in the city. But, despite the apparent simplicity, to achieve that it was interesting and fascinating rather difficult task. After all, the uniqueness of each fictional city was developed for each GTA. These are Los Angeles, London, Manchester and other cities that have already been invented: Vice City - the city of vice, the prototype of Miami, San Fierro - the prototype of San Francisco and so on. An individual script was developed for each project, which takes more than one hundred A4 pages. Perhaps such a thorough approach was the key to the success of all series of games without exception. Perhaps it is an interesting script and an independent virtual world in which you are allowed to do anything you like and become the reason that literally every boy wants to start playing GTA.

Игра ГТА 5

Screenshot from Grand Theft Auto V, a company Rockstar Games.

These games can be called a crime drama with funny jokes and jokes. The main thing is not to lose touch with the real world during the game and after completing all tasks, return to reality and realize that you can’t behave like that here. Sometimes it can be very difficult to do and it takes some time to “recover.”

A huge step forward

Just think how much time has passed since the release of the first part of the GTA game and what a lot of work to improve the entire line has been done by the developers of this series., and now you can trace what a huge path was taken by the developers, to always be "on the wave" of popularity and success. We just have to enjoy all the innovations and conquer new cities in order to become the coolest and most respected gangster. Rather, hurry to grab your first car and prove that you are the main one in this city and no one dares to indicate what to do and when!