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Игры Гренни картинка

The main thing in game horror games is a terrible opponent. And Granny’s games are cool in this regard: the main villain here is a terrible old woman in a white coat and a bloodied face. In the first version of the arcade, the granny stuns you and pulls you to her home. The only way to get out is to find the key to the front door, which Granny hides in one of the many rooms or in the basement. Five days are given for passing - if you do not have time, you will remain in the old woman’s house forever. You need to play quickly, but carefully so that your grandmother does not pay attention to your movements. If she catches you, she will be hit with a club and a new day will begin.

Most of the online games collected in the section are similar to the original. You find yourself indoors and most quietly looking for keys and tips. And Granny sets up a real hunt and sets up bear traps in the rooms. Only houses differ: from standard apartments and country houses to real labyrinths. If such entertainment is not suitable for you, pay attention to the quiet quests collected here. In such games, you can slowly solve puzzles and puzzles without fear of an attack from around the corner. The most important thing in quests is mind, not caution.

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